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Ex-Mutants delivers a nostalgic platforming adventure with engaging challenges, diverse characters, and thrilling boss battles, offering hours of enjoyable gameplay

Allow me to take you on a journey down memory lane, back to the days when I first got my hands on a Mega Drive. Games were a luxury, so I resorted to renting them from the local video store. A fourteen-mile round trip on my trusty bike was a small price to pay for access to shelves brimming with Mega Drive titles.

Among them, Splatterhouse 3, Truxton, Home Alone, Deadly Moves, Phelios, Wings of Wor, and many more beckoned me. Every visit was an hour-long affair, meticulously choosing my weekend companions. You see, cycling back with a disappointing game? That was a fate I was keen to avoid!

A Missed Encounter with Superman

One fateful Saturday, I strolled into the store with plans to rent a new game. There, on the shelf, lay Superman, seemingly ready to accompany me on a weekend of gaming delight. Alas, upon arriving home and eagerly firing it up, I was met with a disheartening message: “only playable on an NTSC Genesis.”

Ex-Mutants (genesis gallery 04)

Disappointed but undeterred, I returned it and scanned the shelves once more. Ex-Mutants had sat there, seemingly unnoticed, for a good year. I’d always dismissed it, assuming it was on par with the dismal Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge. But, in desperate need of a game to play, I decided to take a chance. Thus, I popped the cartridge in, and my adventure began.

A Standard Platformer with a Twist

Ex-Mutants doesn’t reinvent the wheel; it’s a standard platformer. Yet, it manages to infuse this tried-and-true formula with a hefty dose of fun. The narrative unfurls with six Ex-Mutants, four of whom fall prey to the nefarious Lord Sluggo and his henchmen.

At the outset, you select from the remaining two (Ackroyd and Shannon). While a tad disappointing that the rescued mutants aren’t playable, one can’t have it all. Ackroyd embodies power and plodding might, while Shannon offers agility at the cost of strength. Make your choice and embark on the adventure.

A Multi-Level Quest with Intriguing Challenges

Six diverse levels await: the laboratory, forest, cave, sewers, skyscraper, and underground. In each, you must locate a vital battery to progress, crucial for obtaining information from Professor Kildare. Expect formidable bosses at every level’s conclusion, each thirsting for a showdown. Visually, the levels impress with their attention to detail.

Controls, Challenges, and Relentless Foes

The controls prove responsive, but be forewarned: Ex-Mutants doesn’t coddle players. Enemies abound, requiring persistent effort to dispatch. The bosses, meanwhile, present a significant challenge.

Some follow predictable patterns, while others are wild cards, adding a layer of difficulty. Action is unrelenting, with hazards like lava pits, menacing lasers, plummeting rocks, and more. Post-level scenes feature conversations, though skipping them might be your best bet; they tend to be tedious and lackluster.

Discover Hidden Riches: Unearthing a Secret Character in the Skyscraper!

An Audio Experience that Accompanies the Journey

The soundtrack does its job, though it won’t linger in your memory. While Ex-Mutants excels in gameplay, its audio doesn’t leave a lasting impression.

Ex-Mutants (genesis gallery 01)

A One-Day Journey of Enjoyable Gameplay

Ex-Mutants offers a day of entertaining gameplay, but once conquered, it doesn’t beckon for an immediate replay. While longevity may not be its forte, the budget-friendly price tag makes it a worthy addition to any collection.

Play Ex-Mutants online Anytime, Anywhere!

Experience the thrill of battling Lord Sluggo’s menace on our website, or take the adventure on the go with your mobile and tablet devices. Relive the nostalgia and engage in a gaming journey like no other!

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Can I replay Ex-Mutants with a different character for a fresh experience?

While choosing Ackroyd or Shannon sets the tone, replayability is limited once the game is completed.

What sets Ex-Mutants apart in terms of gameplay?

Ex-Mutants combines platforming challenges with intense boss battles and diverse hazards for a fast-paced, engaging experience.

How does Ex-Mutants fare in terms of audio experience?

While the soundtrack serves its purpose, Ex-Mutants’ audio doesn’t offer particularly memorable tunes.

Are there any hidden elements or secrets in Ex-Mutants?

Exploring the skyscraper level can lead to the discovery of a secret character, offering a rewarding trove of riches.

What value does Ex-Mutants offer in terms of gameplay experience?

Ex-Mutants provides a day of engaging gameplay, offering an affordable option for nostalgic gaming enthusiasts.