F-22 Lightning II

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The classic combat simulator, more focused on weekend players than fighter jet enthusiasts, is named F22 Lightning II. In this game, players will experience the role of a pilot, embarking on a variety of missions and tasks.

F-22 Lightning II: A Visually Stunning Yet Flawed Flight Sim

The F-22 Lightning II promises to be the next-generation American fighter jet, packed with high-tech equipment and weaponry. NovaLogic’s simulation, while visually stunning, falls short of its claims for realism, delivering an entertaining but flawed experience.

A Step Forward for NovaLogic

NovaLogic, known for Comanche and Armored Fist, takes a step forward in flight modeling with F-22 Lightning II. Despite some improvements, the flight modeling still misses the mark of true realism.

Engaging Gameplay and Striking Graphics

The game offers an extensive video intro and various single missions to familiarize players with the F-22 and its functions. However, the campaign lacks depth, and the custom mission creator and multiplayer mode add to the game’s appeal.

Realism Under Question

Players express concerns about the realism of F-22 Lightning II. NovaLogic claims to have worked with Lockheed Martin for authenticity, but some aspects, such as cockpit and HUD design, feel inaccurate. Handling properties, altitude effects, and weapons effectiveness also seem overly simplified.

Awe-Inspiring Graphics

The game’s graphics engine sets it apart from others, with stunning terrain graphics and detailed environments. However, the claim for realism doesn’t align with the actual simulation experience.

An Enjoyable But Flawed Experience

F-22 Lightning II delivers fun action and impressive visuals, surpassing its predecessor, Comanche. However, the game falls short of its claims for realism and accuracy, leaving some aspects to be desired.

Play Online in Your Browser

Experience the thrill of flying the F-22 Lightning II right in your web browser. Play the game online and challenge yourself to master this high-tech fighter jet in thrilling missions and engagements.


While F-22 Lightning II boasts breathtaking graphics and engaging gameplay, its claims for realism are not met. Nonetheless, if you can overlook these shortcomings, it remains an enjoyable and visually impressive flight sim experience

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Can I customize the controls to suit my preferences?

Yes, F-22 Lightning II allows players to customize controls according to their preferences.

Is there a variety of missions to keep players engaged?

Absolutely! The game offers a mix of single missions and a campaign with various scenarios and mission types to keep players entertained.

Does the multiplayer mode support both network and modem play?

Yes, the multiplayer mode in F-22 Lightning II supports both network and modem play, allowing players to engage in exciting dogfights with friends.

What sets F-22 Lightning II apart from other flight sims?

The game’s standout feature is its stunning graphics engine, providing players with remarkable terrain detail and visually immersive environments.