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F1 2002 for Game Boy Advance delivers exhilarating portable racing with stunning graphics, accessible controls, and an authentic F1 experience, captivating players in every lap

Formula 1 enthusiasts were met with disappointment in the previous season dominated by Michael Schumacher and the Ferrari team. However, the release of F1 2002 for the Game Boy Advance offers a chance to relive and possibly rewrite the events of the 2002 season.

With a fresh, arcade-style look and a blend of simulation elements, this game aims to capture the essence of F1 racing on the portable gaming platform.

Game Overview

Graphics and Design

F1 2002 makes impressive use of the Game Boy Advance’s capabilities, transforming 2D backgrounds into detailed and realistic 3D environments. The course designs stay faithful to their real-world counterparts, including pavement markings, landmarks, and notorious corners.

While the scenery along the tracks could be more diverse, the graphics, overall, are wonderful. Cars are depicted in a large format on the GBA’s tiny screen, and the movement along the courses is extraordinarily smooth. Small details like raindrops and sunlight lens flares add an additional touch of class to the visual experience.

F1 2002 (GBA gallery 04)


The audio component, while not groundbreaking, effectively captures the essence of F1 racing. The engines roar loudly, and the sound of tires on the pavement is as authentic as can be expected from the GBA’s modest speaker. While not a standout feature, the audio complements the overall gaming experience, contributing to the immersive feel of the races.



F1 2002’s controls are accessible, catering to both casual players and those familiar with handheld racing games. The A and B buttons handle acceleration and braking, with the shoulder buttons utilized for manual transmission. Navigating straight sections is relatively straightforward, but mastering corners requires strategic braking to avoid spinouts.

Learning Curve

The game presents a moderate learning curve, demanding attention to suggested speeds and gear settings shown on each course map. Customizable parameters, such as tire type, downforce, and gear ratio, allow players to optimize control over their vehicles without overwhelming them with excessive realism. This balance between accessibility and depth contributes to a satisfying gaming experience.

Spinouts and Calamities

A notable aspect is the consistent response to various calamities—360-degree spinouts. Whether colliding with other cars, taking corners at high speeds, or turning in the wrong direction, the result is always the same. While it may seem somewhat unrealistic, this uniformity does not significantly detract from the overall gameplay experience.

Game Features

Courses and Teams

F1 2002 boasts an impressive lineup, featuring all 17 courses and 11 teams from the 2002 F1 season, along with a selection of 22 different drivers. Play options include quick race, season, and custom championship modes.

The multiplayer mode allows players to engage in races against a single opponent using a link cable. While lacking certain modes present in console versions, the game’s features align with the standards of GBA racing games.


In conclusion, F1 2002 for the Game Boy Advance offers a commendable portable F1 racing experience. Developed by Magic Pockets, known for their work on Mr. Nutz for the Super NES, the game combines visually appealing graphics with enjoyable gameplay, making it a solid choice for F1 fans on the go.

Race into the Future: F1 2002 – The Thrill of Portable Racing!

F1 2002 (GBA gallery 02)

Play F1 2002 Online Anywhere

Experience the thrill of F1 2002 seamlessly on your web browser, mobile device, or tablet. Immerse yourself in the world of F1 racing wherever you go and never miss a lap!

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Can I play F1 2002 on multiple platforms?

Yes, F1 2002 is compatible with web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets.

How many teams and drivers are available in the game?

F1 2002 features all 11 teams and 22 drivers from the 2002 F1 season.

What play options does F1 2002 offer?

The game provides quick race, season, and custom championship modes for varied gameplay.

Is there a multiplayer option?

Yes, F1 2002 supports multiplayer races against a single opponent using a link cable.

How does the game handle crashes and spinouts?

The game exhibits a consistent 360-degree spinout response for various calamities, maintaining a balance between realism and gameplay.