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Explore a post-nuclear wasteland, make impactful choices, and engage in strategic combat in Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game - a classic RPG set in a retro-futuristic world of survival and intrigue.

In Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game, players are immersed in a mid-22nd century world that has been ravaged by a global nuclear war between the United States and China.

Developed and published by Interplay Productions in 1997, this role-playing video game takes place decades after the apocalyptic event, where the protagonist, known as the Vault Dweller, emerges from the underground shelter Vault 13 to explore a retro-futuristic wasteland.

Exploring the Wasteland

The game revolves around the Vault Dweller’s quest to save their home settlement.

The story is set in motion as players customize their character’s attributes and set out into the desolate landscape to find a computer chip that can fix their Vault’s water supply system.

Throughout their journey, players engage with other survivors, take on missions, and participate in turn-based combat to secure their objectives.

Creating a Unique Experience

Fallout introduces a character customization system called SPECIAL, where players allocate points to different attributes that affect their character’s abilities.

Skills and traits further define the character’s capabilities, and as the character accumulates experience points, they can level up, acquire new skills, and even gain special abilities known as perks.

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A World of Choices

The game’s open-ended gameplay allows players to navigate their way through a morally ambiguous world. With choices that impact the story and the game’s outcome, players can complete quests through various means, be it diplomacy, combat, or stealth.

As players solve problems and interact with different factions, they accrue karma points that influence how NPCs treat them.

Mastering Combat and Exploration

Fallout features isometric exploration, where players interact with non-player characters, barter using bottle caps as currency, and engage in combat.

The turn-based combat system allows players to use action points for different actions, making strategic decisions crucial for success.

Characters vary in the amount of dialogue, with significant NPCs portrayed as “talking heads” during conversations.

The Fallout series’ iconic mascot, Vault Boy, has become a recognizable symbol in gaming culture, symbolizing the game’s blend of dark humor and post-apocalyptic themes.

A Tale of Survival

The game’s setting, which is nearly a century after the nuclear war, creates a captivating backdrop. As the Vault Dweller, players traverse through a series of settlements, factions, and unique characters, all contributing to the intricate storyline. The choices players make during their journey shape the world around them and determine multiple possible endings.

Legacy and Impact

Fallout earned critical acclaim for its innovative gameplay, compelling character system, and captivating narrative. It revived interest in the role-playing genre and spawned a successful series of sequels and spin-offs.

The game’s blend of retro-futuristic design, open-ended exploration, and strategic combat continues to resonate with players even years after its release.

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Play Fallout Online for Free

You can experience the post-nuclear world of Fallout online for free right in your browser.

Explore the wasteland, make choices that matter, and navigate the challenges of a shattered world. Immerse yourself in the rich narrative and strategic gameplay of this iconic title.

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Can I change my character's attributes after creating them?

No, once you’ve allocated your character’s SPECIAL attributes, they remain fixed throughout the game.

Are there consequences for the karma choices I make?

Yes, your karma choices can affect how NPCs interact with you and influence the game’s ending.

Can I recruit companions to join me in my journey?

Yes, you can recruit companions who will aid you in exploration and combat.

Is there a time limit for completing quests?

Yes, the main quest has a time limit, and the game will end if it’s not completed within that timeframe.

Are there multiple ways to complete quests?

Yes, quests often have multiple solutions, allowing you to approach challenges using diplomacy, combat, or stealth.