Final Fight

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Final Fight on SNES offers nostalgic beat 'em up action with iconic characters, diverse stages, and memorable encounters, providing a classic gaming experience for enthusiasts

Relive the excitement of the classic beat ’em up, Final Fight, on the Super Nintendo. Join Mayor Mike Haggar in his quest to rescue his kidnapped daughter, Jessica, from the notorious Mad Gear Gang. Experience the thrill of the streets, subway, uptown, bay area, and the final mansion showdown.

Origins and Anticipation

The Super Nintendo era introduced many iconic games, with Final Fight standing out for its enticing graphics. The anticipation before its launch added to the excitement of owning this remarkable piece of gaming hardware.

Plot and Gameplay

In Final Fight, players take on the role of Mayor Mike Haggar, a former wrestler, on a mission to rescue his kidnapped daughter, Jessica, from the Mad Gear Gang. The game’s storyline is simple yet captivating, offering a classic beat ’em up experience.

Changes in SNES Version

While the SNES version boasts impressive graphics, some compromises were made. The absence of the character Guy, limited two-player functionality, and the exclusion of a specific stage were notable changes. However, the overall conversion remained almost arcade perfect.

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Characters and Details

The game introduces memorable characters like Haggar, Cody, and the formidable Andore, paying homage to legendary wrestler Andre the Giant. Despite some alterations, the game’s attention to detail, such as the barking dog in the seaside stage, adds to its charm.

Soundtrack Quirks

One aspect that divided opinions was the soundtrack. While considered good, some players found it less invigorating. The Sega CD version, however, offered an alternative musical experience.

Stages and Combat

Final Fight comprises five stages, each meticulously designed, featuring locations like Metro City streets, the subway, uptown, the bay area, and the final mansion. Players navigate through diverse environments, encountering various foes and utilizing weapons found in barrels.

Character Selection and Combat Styles

Players can choose between Haggar and Cody, each with distinct strengths and combat styles. Whether executing Haggar’s powerful pile driver or Cody’s swift spin kick, the game accommodates various playstyles.

Andore – A Formidable Foe

Andore, inspired by wrestling legend Andre the Giant, serves as a formidable adversary, becoming synonymous with Final Fight’s challenging encounters.

Memorable Final Stage

The final stage delivers an unforgettable encounter, requiring players to face a unique boss with a crossbow and wheelchair, culminating in a thrilling Hans Gruber-style finale.

SNES Version – A Mixed Verdict

While Final Fight on the Super Nintendo is a solid game, its limitations, including the absence of a two-player option and certain character changes, make it less recommendable compared to other versions. Despite its drawbacks, it remains a testament to the Super Nintendo’s capabilities.


Final Fight on the Super Nintendo provides a nostalgic journey through Metro City, delivering classic beat ’em up action with memorable characters and challenging encounters. Despite some limitations, it stands as a testament to the gaming era’s charm and the Super Nintendo’s capabilities.

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Is Final Fight on SNES a two-player game?

No, the SNES version lacks a two-player option, limiting the cooperative gameplay present in other versions.

Why was the character Guy omitted from the SNES version?

The SNES version omitted Guy, a character from the arcade version, likely due to technical constraints or design choices.

What are the strengths of Haggar and Cody in the game?

Haggar is stronger with a powerful pile driver, while Cody is faster with a Double Dragon-style spin kick.

How many stages are there in Final Fight?

Final Fight features five stages, each offering unique environments and challenges.

Is the SNES version of Final Fight recommendable?

While the SNES version is a good game, the absence of certain features and character changes makes it less recommended compared to other versions.