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Fire Pro Wrestling A delivers captivating, addictive gameplay with precise controls, diverse match options, and the joy of creating legendary wrestlers

Welcome to the world of Fire Pro, where my journey began with Fire Pro Wrestling A, a truly addictive game that captivated me with its timing-based controls and the joy of renaming characters. Let’s delve into the details of this GBA gem.


Fire Pro Wrestling A, released in Japan on March 21, 2001, and later in the US and Europe, marked the first official English localization in the series. While not the inaugural entry, it introduced English-speaking audiences to the world of Fire Pro. The GBA had a sequel, “Final Fire Pro Wrestling: Dream Organization Administration!” in Japan, and “Fire Pro Wrestling 2” in the US, but it never made its way to Europe.

(No roster rundown here, as the characters were fictionalized versions of real stars.)


The gameplay in Fire Pro revolves around mastering strikes and grappling. Strikes involve a single dedicated button for standing and running strikes. Grappling, initiated when two wrestlers collide, requires precise timing for executing moves.

Stamina management is crucial; excessive big moves can leave you exhausted, vulnerable to your opponent. A stamina boost is possible by holding the R trigger to “breathe.” Pin escapes involve button mashing, and submission escapes require manipulating the D-Pad. Critical moments, triggered randomly, add excitement as your finisher or submission may lead to an instant victory.

Fire Pro Wrestling (GBA gallery 04)

Classic Fire Pro elements include diverse match types, rules, and modes, ranging from singles to tag matches, league, tournament, and a 5-on-5 team mode. The “Audience Match” mode challenges you to tailor your performance to different audience preferences.

The Edit mode allows customization of existing characters and the creation of new ones, adding a layer of depth to the game.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics, considering the GBA’s limitations, are commendable. Recognizable sprites and various rings contribute to a visually satisfying experience. The sound features catchy background music and voice samples for pins, complementing the overall gameplay.


Picking up Fire Pro on a whim turned into weeks of immersive gameplay. The graphics, although not groundbreaking, served their purpose well on the GBA screen.

The gameplay and roster management aspects kept me engaged. However, with the availability of Fire Pro World, revisiting this GBA classic on emulation felt visually lacking. Nevertheless, for those with a GBA and a penchant for nostalgia, it might still hold its charm.

Step into the ring, where timing is everything and every move tells a story. Fire Pro – Where legends are born!

Fire Pro Wrestling (GBA gallery 01)


In retrospect, Fire Pro Wrestling A on GBA stands as a testament to the series’ addictive gameplay. While visually surpassed by modern counterparts, its impact on portable gaming remains noteworthy.

Play Fire Pro Wrestling OnlineAnywhere

Experience the nostalgia of Fire Pro on your web browser or mobile device, ensuring the timeless joy of wrestling is always at your fingertips.

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Is Fire Pro Wrestling A the first game in the series?

While not the inaugural entry, it’s the first to receive an official English localization, introducing the series to a broader audience.

How does grappling work in Fire Pro?

Grappling is initiated by two wrestlers colliding. Precise timing, button combinations, or simultaneous button presses determine the executed move.

What is a Critical in Fire Pro?

A Critical is a random occurrence after a finisher or submission, resulting in an instant victory for the executing wrestler.

What match types are available in Fire Pro?

Fire Pro offers diverse match types, including singles, tag matches, league, tournament, and unique modes like Cage matches and Death matches.

Can I create my own wrestlers in Fire Pro?

Yes, the Edit mode allows customization of existing characters and the creation of entirely new ones, enhancing the game’s depth.