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Ford Racing 3 delivers diverse, engaging car racing with a unique vintage-to-modern collection, offering thrilling multiplayer experiences and lasting entertainment despite some gameplay inconsistencies

If you’re a racing enthusiast seeking a game that combines a diverse car collection with accessible gameplay, Ford Racing 3 might catch your attention. However, as we delve into the various aspects of the game, it becomes evident that it falls short of the standards set by contemporary racing games on more advanced platforms.


The heart of any racing game lies in its gameplay, and Ford Racing 3 offers a mixed bag. The most notable issue is the inconsistency in maximum speeds among different cars. Transitioning from one car to another can be jarring, as some vehicles experience a sudden drop in speed from 99 to 45. This erratic behavior isn’t tied to specific cars or actions like turning; it happens seemingly at random.

Adding to the gameplay quirks, cars in Ford Racing 3 cannot be damaged, creating an unusual dynamic. This decision might be influenced by a desire to portray certain brands, such as Ford, in a positive light. While protecting the pristine image of cars is understandable, it compromises the realism that many racing enthusiasts seek.

The AI opponents in the game exhibit a peculiar magnetism, popping up out of nowhere, regardless of your lead. This magnetic effect can be frustrating, especially when you’re comfortably ahead and suddenly find yourself in a lower position after a late-race collision.

Ford Racing 3 (GBA gallery 04)


One aspect where Ford Racing 3 falls notably short is in its musical department. Describing it as having no substantial soundtrack might be an understatement.

The game relies on basic sounds such as revving, braking, and slamming, providing a functional but far-from-immersive auditory experience. This lack of a compelling soundtrack can be disappointing, especially when compared to the robust audio offerings of modern gaming.


Navigating the world of Ford Racing 3 can be a test of patience due to touchy controls. This is particularly evident during attempts at drifting, where even a slight oversteer can result in a spinout.

Accelerating is straightforward, but turning, even slightly, can cause a drastic reduction in speed. Interestingly, speed accelerates rapidly when descending hills, adding a somewhat unpredictable element to the controls.

Car Collection

On a more positive note, Ford Racing 3 boasts a commendable collection of cars spanning various eras. From vintage models reminiscent of the 1930s and 40s to sleek modern vehicles, the diversity in the car lineup provides a sense of variety. Each car comes with its own unique feel, adding a layer of strategy to the game.

However, the physics governing the gameplay might come into question when unconventional cars outperform their sports counterparts. While it adds an element of unpredictability, it may compromise the realism sought by players who prefer a more authentic racing experience.


Graphics in Ford Racing 3 are serviceable, but they fall short when compared to the visual prowess of gaming consoles like the Xbox 360 or PS3. While not terrible, the graphics lack the polish and detail that players have grown accustomed to in the current gaming landscape.


In terms of length, Ford Racing 3 strikes a balance. It may not be an overly lengthy game, but it compensates by offering a variety of cars and tracks. This diversity ensures that players may spend a considerable amount of time unlocking and exploring different elements within the game.

Replay Value

The replay value of Ford Racing 3 is notably influenced by the presence of friends. While the AI opponents follow predictable patterns, introducing friends into the mix enhances the overall experience. It turns the game into a more dynamic and enjoyable activity, showcasing its potential for social gaming.

However, the limitations of the AI become apparent during single-player sessions, where the same patterns tend to repeat unless your position within the race significantly changes. This lack of variability in the AI’s behavior might affect the game’s overall replayability for solo players.

Unlock the thrill of diverse car racing – Ford Racing 3 delivers an entertaining experience, especially with friends. Discover the joy of beating rivals with vintage cars in a collection that spans eras.

Ford Racing 3 (GBA gallery 01)


In conclusion, Ford Racing 3 serves its purpose by providing a temporary source of entertainment, especially during multiplayer sessions. However, it falls short in several areas, including gameplay consistency, limited soundtrack, and graphics that don’t quite meet the standards set by contemporary on more advanced platforms.

Play Ford Racing 3 Online Anywhere, Anytime!

For those eager to experience the world of Ford Racing 3 on the go, good news awaits. The game seamlessly adapts to web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets, ensuring that the racing excitement is not confined to a specific platform.

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Can cars be damaged in the game?

No, cars in Ford Racing 3 cannot be damaged, possibly to maintain positive brand representation.

How is the AI behavior in single-player mode?

The AI tends to follow a predictable pattern, impacting the overall replay value, especially in solo sessions.

What makes the car collection unique?

Ford Racing 3 features a diverse collection, ranging from vintage models of the 1930s-40s to modern vehicles, each offering a unique feel.

Are the controls user-friendly?

Controls in Ford Racing 3 are touchy, requiring careful handling, especially during drifting. Oversteering can lead to spinouts.

How does the game compare to modern racing games?

Graphics and audio in Ford Racing 3 fall short compared to current-gen consoles like Xbox 360 or PS3, highlighting the game’s age.