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Fragile Allegiance is an open-ended 4X real-time strategy (RTS) game developed by Gremlin Interactive and originally released in 1997 for MS-DOS.

Origins and Setting

A Stellar Employment

In the year 2496, players assume the role of a newcomer at TetraCorp, a formidable interstellar megacorporation.

The company has initiated an asteroid mining venture in the Fragmented Sectors, triggering competition with six alien races for valuable resources.

Mining and Diplomacy

Armed with a single building and one million credits, players face the challenge of establishing a thriving mining operation.

The objective is clear: mine ores from asteroids and sell them to the Federation.

The success or failure of this venture hinges on diplomatic finesse, especially as colonies inevitably encroach on one another.

Fragile Allegiance Gameplay Mechanics

Strategic Decisions

The gameplay unfolds in the Fragmented Sectors, a celestial expanse rich in mineral resources.

Colonization and mining of asteroids drive the game, with proceeds used for empire expansion, technological advancements, construction, espionage, trading, and potential fines from the Federation.

Diverse Economy

Navigating the intricate game economy involves strategic decisions. Selling ores to the Federation isn’t a straightforward choice, considering the need for resources in constructing various missiles and ships.

A stock market and black market add layers of complexity, offering opportunities for trading and acquiring unauthorized information.

Combat Dynamics

Engaging in combat involves a simplistic system where players lack direct control over units during fleet encounters. Battles unfold with laser beams crisscrossing the screen, buildings ablaze, and ground turrets defending against enemy attacks.

Ships, ranging from scouts to command cruisers, each contribute to the fleet with unique attributes.

Diplomacy and Races

Interstellar Relations

The game introduces seven races, with only TetraCorp (representing humans) being playable.

Diplomacy plays a pivotal role, enabling actions such as non-aggression pacts, joint-combat treaties, and accusations of espionage or trading with the elusive Mauna, an alien race beyond negotiation.

Real-time Diplomacy

Diplomacy unfolds in real-time, offering detailed characters with animations and lip-syncing. Each race, including the non-negotiable Mauna, presents unique challenges and opportunities.

As empires expand, agents and supervisors become essential for intelligence gathering and colony management.

Plot and Federation Dynamics

Federation and Megacorporations

The game’s narrative places players as recruits to TetraCorp’s mining franchise, aiming to sell ore to the Federation. The Federation, a coalition of six alien cultures, was established to promote commercial competition over full-scale wars.

Megacorporations like TetraCorp and Sci-Tek influence the game’s technological landscape.

Cosmic Politics

The Federation faces constant challenges to its authority, with dissent growing as one moves further from the Federal center. The Mauna, an untrustworthy alien culture, exists outside the Federation’s influence, and trading with them is met with disdain.

The plot weaves political intricacies into the gameplay.

Play Fragile Allegiance online

Now you can play Fragile Allegiance online, in a web browser, for free!

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What is the objective of Fragile Alliance?

The primary goal is to mine asteroids for ores and sell them to the Federation, navigating diplomatic challenges and strategic decisions.

How does diplomacy work in Fragile Alliance?

Diplomacy occurs in real-time, allowing players to initiate actions such as non-aggression pacts, joint-combat treaties, and accusations of espionage.

Can players interact with all seven races in the game?

While there are seven races, only TetraCorp (representing humans) is playable. Interactions with other races involve diplomacy, espionage, and trade.

What role do agents and supervisors play in Fragile Alliance?

Agents gather intelligence, engage in counter-intelligence, and can be deployed for various missions. Supervisors assist in managing asteroid colonies.

How does Fragile Alliance handle combat?

Combat involves a simplistic system where players lack direct control over units during fleet encounters. Ships, missiles, and agents are used for attacking enemy asteroids.