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Relive arcade magic with Gauntlet & Rampart on GBA, blending classic gameplay and nostalgic graphics for a solo adventure filled with retro joy!

DSI Games resurrects arcade classics with the Game Boy Advance compilation Gauntlet & Rampart, aiming to transport players back to the golden era of gaming. Nostalgia beckons as familiar titles find a new home on a modern handheld console. However, this journey down memory lane may not be as seamless as anticipated, as we delve into the details of each game’s adaptation for the GBA.

Gauntlet: A Lone Warrior’s Quest

Gauntlet, an iconic Atari creation, is reborn on the GBA with a meticulous replication of the original’s graphics and sound. The distinctive classes—warrior, valkyrie, elf, and wizard—make a triumphant return, promising a nostalgic trip for those who once crowded around the massive Gauntlet arcade machines.

Missing Multiplayer Magic

Gauntlet & Rampart (GBA gallery 03)

However, the GBA adaptation takes an unexpected turn by omitting the multiplayer feature that defined Gauntlet’s allure. The magic of collaborative gameplay, where friends strategized and battled together, is lost in the solo quest. This absence leaves a void, transforming a once-engaging experience into a solitary and somewhat monotonous journey.

Solo Struggles

The solo Gauntlet experience lacks the vibrancy and excitement of its multiplayer predecessor. The inability to save progress or utilize sleep mode diminishes the convenience for modern handheld gaming. What was once a beacon of cooperative enjoyment in the arcade becomes a shadow of its former self on the GBA.

Visual Fidelity vs. Gameplay Flaws

Rampart, the second gem in this compilation, makes its debut on the GBA with visuals and sounds that faithfully echo the original arcade release. However, beneath the surface, critical flaws surface, disrupting the strategic depth that made Rampart a captivating experience.

Lag Woes and Rule Deviations

Lag issues plague the GBA version, with a significant pause every time a puzzle piece is placed. This disrupts the fluidity of gameplay and detracts from the enjoyable experience. Rule deviations, such as altered cannon rewards and peculiar enemy tank behavior, further distance the GBA adaptation from the authentic Rampart experience.

Multiplayer MIA Yet Again

Perhaps the most perplexing oversight is the absence of multiplayer functionality, a feature that was integral to Rampart’s success. The competitive spirit of building fortresses and challenging friends is lost, marking a departure from the original’s engaging dynamics.

Revisit the classics, but brace yourself for a nostalgic journey that falls short of recapturing the magic of arcade collaboration.

Gauntlet & Rampart (GBA gallery 01)


In the realm of classic arcade compilations, Gauntlet & Rampart by DSI Games misses the mark. While the titles boast visuals reminiscent of their iconic predecessors, crucial gameplay elements, such as multiplayer features, have been overlooked, diminishing the overall experience.

Play Gauntlet & Rampart Online Anywhere, Anytime!

Embrace the classics on the go! Gauntlet & Rampart extends beyond the GBA, allowing players to indulge in nostalgia on the web, as well as on mobile devices and tablets.

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Does Gauntlet & Rampart support multiplayer on GBA?

Unfortunately, neither Gauntlet nor Rampart includes multiplayer functionality on the Game Boy Advance.

Can progress be saved in the solo Gauntlet experience?

Regrettably, the GBA version of Gauntlet lacks the ability to save progress, limiting the convenience for solo players.

How does the GBA version of Rampart differ from the original arcade release?

Rampart on GBA suffers from lag issues, rule deviations, and a lack of true multiplayer, deviating from the original arcade experience.

Are there additional features or modes in the GBA compilation?

The GBA compilation stays true to the arcade originals, offering no notable additional features or modes.

Can Gauntlet & Rampart be played on mobile devices?

Experience the nostalgia of these classics on the web, as well as on your mobile devices and tablets, ensuring the joy of the arcade is not confined to a single platform.