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Master System's Gauntlet offers a faithful arcade experience with slight limitations, providing challenging gameplay and nostalgic appeal.

Remember Gauntlet, the classic arcade game that took the gaming world by storm in the mid-eighties? It was one of the pioneers of four-player gaming, allowing you to team up with friends or fellow arcade-goers on a never-ending dungeon adventure. Let’s dive into this SMS adaptation of the beloved classic.

Gather your allies and embark on an epic dungeon adventure in Gauntlet – a timeless classic that continues to captivate players.


The gameplay is nearly perfect, capturing the essence of the original arcade experience. However, it’s tailored for two players, a limitation imposed by the SMS’s two-controller setup. While the arcade version allowed endless continues with additional coins, Gauntlet for SMS grants you three chances to conquer the dungeon.

All the familiar elements are here, from transporters to menacing foes like Death. Even the famous arcade “cheat” is intact, providing a helping hand for struggling players.


The graphics have been expertly adapted to suit the SMS palette without sacrificing the essence of the original. Everything, from character designs to the layout, pays homage to its arcade predecessor.

Sound & Music

While the audio is minimal, it’s well-executed. The sound effects faithfully replicate the arcade experience, although the iconic synthesized voice samples are replaced with on-screen text. This alteration doesn’t significantly detract from the overall experience.


The controls are highly responsive, ensuring an enjoyable experience. Each character’s unique traits, like the Warrior’s deliberate pace, add depth to the gameplay, offering a deliberate and strategic element to your choices. Movement is controlled with the D-Pad, shooting with the B button, and magic usage with the A button.

Replay Value

The game offers substantial replay value. The initial eight levels are fixed, but beyond that, they become randomized, mirroring the unpredictability of the arcade version. Gauntlet for SMS doesn’t have a definitive endpoint; it continuously loops levels. However, unlike the arcade, you’re limited to three or six credits, adding an extra layer of challenge to push your limits.


Gauntlet on the Master System stands as one of the closest adaptations to the original arcade experience. Its faithful recreation, coupled with the option for two-player action, makes it a standout title. For those seeking a nostalgic journey or new players eager to experience a classic, Gauntlet is a gem worthy of your collection.

Play Gauntlet online Anywhere, Anytime!

Now you can enjoy Gauntlet online, fully playable in a web browser or using your mobile and tablet. Dive into the Gauntlet world wherever you are, and emerge as the victorious hero in this legendary quest!

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Can I play Gauntlet solo?

Yes, this game allows solo play, but be prepared for a challenging adventure without the aid of companions.

What are the limitations on continues?

This game provides three continues for the journey. In a one-player game, starting as player two extends this to six credits.

Are the dungeon levels randomized?

After the initial eight levels, this game introduces randomization, ensuring every playthrough offers a fresh challenge.

Does Gauntlet have a definitive endpoint?

No, Gauntlet’s levels loop indefinitely, offering a perpetual challenge for players to test their skills.

How does Gauntlet for SMS compare to the arcade version?

The SMS adaptation faithfully captures the essence of the arcade original, providing an immersive experience for players, albeit with some necessary adjustments.