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Explore the amazing world of Goblins 3, a puzzle adventure that unfolds within a mysterious labyrinth.

A Rivalry for the Ages

In the realm of Goblins 3, two nations, ruled by Queen Xina and King Bodd, vie for the privilege of exploring a mystical labyrinth rumored to grant wishes. However, the contest takes a dark turn as the labyrinth’s guardian perishes, the guardian’s daughter vanishes, and King Bodd falls victim to a malevolent curse.

Amidst this chaos, an unlikely goblin reporter named Blount becomes entangled in a web of intrigue while attempting to interview the queen and the king. As if his predicament weren’t complicated enough, Blount also finds himself bitten by a werewolf and ensnared in the throes of love.

Now, he must navigate this labyrinthine tale and overcome both literal and figurative monsters.

Goblins 3: A Unique Puzzle Adventure

Goblins 3 continues the tradition of its predecessors as a puzzle-centric adventure. However, this time, players control a single goblin, Blount, who embarks on a quest fraught with challenges.

Throughout the journey, Blount receives aid from various sidekicks, including Chump the parrot, Ooya the magician, and Fulbert the snake.

Additionally, Blount undergoes spontaneous transformations, such as becoming a powerful yet uncouth werewolf, leading to a dynamic gameplay experience.

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The Sierra Influence

This installment of the Gobliiins series showcases Sierra On-Line’s influence, evident in the addition of “Quest” to its title. While it deviates from Sierra’s classic adventure games, “Goblins 3” maintains its unique charm and storytelling.

The game’s introduction introduces us to Blount, a goblin who awakens on a flying ship under attack.

His mission? To interview Queen Xina and King Bodd, rulers of separate kingdoms competing to unlock the labyrinth’s secrets.

A Bizarre Journey

Blount’s adventure takes unexpected turns, including love, death, resurrection, and dramatic physical transformations.

As he navigates this eccentric world, Blount encounters a range of characters and faces his deepest fears, including an encounter with spiders. Goblins 3 stands out as the most peculiar and unpredictable entry in the series.

Varied Characters and Gameplay

While the original Gobliiins featured three main characters and its sequel, Gobliins 2, had two, Goblins 3 primarily focuses on Blount. However, the game introduces a cast of sidekicks and even allows players to control characters like Wolfy, Blount’s werewolf alter ego, and Wynnona, his love interest.

This diverse character roster adds depth and variety to the gameplay, ensuring that every moment is brimming with surprises.

The User-Friendly Interface

The game’s interface remains user-friendly. Left-clicking guides Blount to locations and interacts with hotspots, while right-clicking accesses the inventory. An icon bar at the top of the screen offers options for saving, restoring, quitting, obtaining hints, managing the inventory, and more.

Unique to this game are the “Goblins News” and “Map” buttons, providing news updates relevant to the storyline and a world map overview.

CD-ROM Enhancement

Goblins 3 offers both Floppy Disk and CD-ROM versions. The CD-ROM edition features full speech throughout the game, enhancing the immersive experience.

While the voice acting varies in quality, the overall sound effects maintain the series’ trademark wackiness.

Visually Captivating

The game’s graphics continue the tradition of balancing cuteness with a hint of the bizarre.

Notably, Goblins 3 introduces fully animated cut scenes, elevating the visual storytelling to new heights. The unique cartoon style remains pleasing to the eye.

Musical Ambiance

The game’s music blends ambient sounds with catchy melodies and quirky sound effects. However, at times, the music may not perfectly match the on-screen environment, resulting in an occasional disconnect between the soundtrack and the gameplay. The CD-ROM version offers different tunes that often align better with the game’s locales.

Challenging Puzzles

Goblins 3 maintains the series’ reputation for challenging and unique puzzles. Some require teamwork between Blount and his sidekicks, demanding precise timing and multiple actions.

While the puzzles start off relatively easy, they progressively become more difficult, with a few necessitating trial and error.

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In summary, Goblins 3 serves as a fitting conclusion to the Gobliiins series. Despite its initial differences, the game masterfully weaves together its elements into a cohesive plot. Blount, despite his flaws, emerges as a lovable character, surrounded by a colorful cast of friends and foes.

This adventure will captivate players with its eccentricity and puzzles, leaving a lasting impression.

Play Goblins 3 Online

Goblins 3 offers an immersive experience on desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Play Goblins online, in a web browser!

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How many goblins can you control in Goblins 3?

Unlike its predecessors, Goblins 3 primarily focuses on one main character, Blount. However, various sidekicks and other playable characters enrich the gameplay experience.

What distinguishes Goblins 3 from previous entries in the series?

Goblins 3 introduces a more complex and unpredictable storyline, spontaneous transformations, and a diverse roster of characters, making it the most unique installment in the series.

Is there a CD-ROM version of Goblins 3?

Yes, Goblins 3 offers both Floppy Disk and CD-ROM versions. The CD-ROM version features full speech throughout the game.

How does the game handle puzzles?

Goblins 3 maintains the series’ tradition of challenging and unique puzzles, some of which require teamwork between characters and precise timing to solve.

What is the visual style of Goblins 3?

The game features a unique cartoon style that balances cuteness with elements of the bizarre, creating visually captivating scenes and characters.