Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon on SNES offers timeless farming bliss, combining nostalgic charm, relaxing gameplay, and enduring appeal, letting players cultivate dreams and harvest joy in a tranquil virtual world

Welcome to the tranquil world of Harvest Moon, the pioneering farming game that started it all. Discover the origins and unique charm of this SNES classic, shaping the farming game genre and captivating players for over two decades.

Out of the House!

Embark on a farming adventure as the main character leaves home to revive the ranch left by their grandfather. With two and a half years to build a successful farm, this game grades your progress, offering various endings based on your choices. Yet, the heart of the game lies in crafting your story, a simple narrative woven by your decisions and interactions.

Gotta Get All That Farm Work Done!

Managing a farm entails hard work, and Harvest Moon throws you into the thick of it. Learn the ropes with minimal handholding, embracing the simplicity of early farming games. The manual serves as a comprehensive guide, while the gameplay revolves around daily tasks—planting, watering, and caring for animals. Despite some tedious elements, the routine becomes oddly satisfying and even relaxing.

Harvest Moon (SNES gallery 05)

It’s Important to Stretch!

Harvest Moon’s vibrant and detailed sprites capture the essence of gaming’s golden era. The game’s simplicity is evident in uniform stump designs and limited crop variety. Yet, the charming artwork, dynamic weather events, and classic SNES aesthetics contribute to an appealing visual experience.

The Sound of Summer!

Immerse yourself in the calming tunes of Harvest Moon’s soundtrack, a collection of short, catchy melodies that define each season. The game’s sound effects, from chopping wood to harvesting crops, complement the classic SNES sound design. The audio enhances the overall relaxing atmosphere, making the mundane tasks enjoyable.

Back for Another Season…

Harvest Moon offers a substantial gameplay experience, requiring around 40 hours to complete. Multiple endings add replay value, encouraging players to explore different paths. While the lack of variety may limit long-term engagement, the game’s nostalgic appeal and pioneering status contribute to its enduring replayability.


Harvest Moon for the SNES remains a nostalgic oddity—a farming game competing in an era dominated by action-packed titles. Despite its simplicity, the game’s undeniable charm, relaxing gameplay, and historical significance make it a must-try for fans of the genre. Dive into the past, experience the origins, and appreciate the tranquil beauty of Harvest Moon.

Sow the seeds of nostalgia, reap the harvest of timeless joy. Harvest Moon: Cultivating dreams since 1997.

Harvest Moon (SNES gallery 02)

Play Harvest Moon Online! Anywhere, Anytime

Experience the magic of Harvest Moon not only on your SNES but also on web browsers, mobiles, and tablets. Relive the farming bliss on multiple platforms and let the nostalgia follow you wherever you go.

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Is Harvest Moon available on modern platforms?

Yes, you can enjoy Harvest Moon on various platforms, including web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets.

How long does it take to complete this game?

On average, Harvest Moon takes around 40 hours to complete, considering various endings and gameplay styles.

Can I marry in this game?

Yes, as part of the game’s progression, you can get married. The second house upgrade allows you to start a family.

Are there different crops and animals in this game?

While this game is the grandfather of farming games, it features a basic selection of crops and animals. The series evolves with later releases, offering more variety.

What makes this game special despite its simplicity?

Harvest Moon’s charm lies in its simplicity, nostalgic visuals, and the unique experience of managing a farm in a tranquil setting. Its historical significance as the pioneering farming game adds to its special appeal.