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IndyCar Racing II, a racing game developed by Papyrus Design Group, takes the world of racing games to the next level.

Building upon its predecessor, IndyCar Racing, this title hit the tracks in 1996, capturing the hearts of racing enthusiasts.

A year later, it underwent a transformation, reborn as CART Racing, with minor upgrades to elevate the gaming experience.

The Racing Experience

Racing Realism at Its Peak

IndyCar Racing II stays true to its roots, featuring contemporary drivers, chassis (Lola, Reynard, Penske), and engines (Ford-Cosworth, Mercedes-Benz, Honda). It delivers an exceptional racing experience with 15 circuits, each offering a unique challenge.

Although it’s worth noting that circuits like Miami (road course) and the iconic Indianapolis are absent, the thrill of the race remains unmatched.

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Step into the driver’s seat with a variety of driving views, detailed physics, and a realistic simulation of vehicle damage and controls. The game’s depth is apparent as you access real-time information about your car, from fuel and tire status to wing adjustments and wheel stagger.

The realism is not limited to the track, but extends to every aspect of your racing machine.

A Test of Skill and Patience

Undoubtedly, IndyCar Racing II offers a level of realism unparalleled in the world of racing simulations. However, this very realism is a double-edged sword, making it one of the most challenging and unforgiving racing simulations.

For those seeking a quick and easy racing game, you might want to explore other options. IndyCar II is designed for the most dedicated and passionate racers.

Taming the Beast

Even on the easiest settings, handling an IndyCar is akin to riding a wild bull. A gentle touch on the accelerator can send you spiraling out of control, turning your million-dollar race car into a heap of scrap metal.

Be prepared to invest hours mastering the art of control. In an ideal world, Papyrus would offer various driving algorithms to ease players into the game’s complexities.

As it stands, practice is your only way forward.

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Mastering the Machine

Winning in the world of open-wheel racing requires not only skill but a fast and finely-tuned machine. IndyCar II delivers the most comprehensive garage seen in a video game.

Virtually every aspect of your car can be customized, and each adjustment has a tangible impact on your performance.

Finding the perfect setup for each track becomes an art, and fine-tuning can occupy your entire afternoon.

The Thrill of Victory

For those who conquer the steep learning curve, IndyCar II rewards with intense racing action. From heart-pounding acceleration to death-defying speeds and spectacular pileups, this game promises an adrenaline rush like no other.

Simply crossing the finish line brings a sense of accomplishment few games can match.

Windows 95 Enhancements

While the core gameplay remains intact, the Windows 95 version of IndyCar II introduces several improvements. The user interface receives a facelift, featuring pull-down menus and radio buttons common to Windows 95 programs.

Graphics receive a boost, with owners of fast Windows accelerators enjoying smoother SVGA frame rates. However, those with less powerful systems may still need to tweak graphic options for optimal performance.

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IndyCar Racing II draws inspiration from the 1989 game “Indianapolis 500” and Papyrus’ 1993 “IndyCar Racing.” While the details of the game’s development are somewhat elusive, a demo surfaced in 1995.

Numerous patches were released post-launch to enhance the game’s performance and features.

One notable addition was the ability to utilize external cameras by pressing the F10 key, a valuable tool on flat courses like the Cleveland airport track.


In summary, IndyCar II will certainly appeal to diehard racing enthusiasts, and to this group I will heartily recommend this product. But most casual gamers will find IndyCar II simply too difficult to be fun,

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What is the main difference between IndyCar Racing II and its predecessor?

IndyCar Racing II builds upon the foundation of the original game, offering enhanced realism, a more comprehensive garage, and Windows 95 compatibility.

How challenging is IndyCar Racing II compared to other racing games?

IndyCar II is renowned for its unparalleled realism, making it one of the most challenging racing simulations. It requires dedication and practice to master.

What is the significance of the Windows 95 version of the game?

The Windows 95 version introduces improvements to the user interface and offers better graphics performance for those with suitable hardware.

Can I enjoy IndyCar Racing II on modern systems?

Yes, you can experience the thrill of IndyCar Racing II in your web browser.