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Iridion II delivers a visually stunning shooter experience with strategic gameplay, vibrant graphics, and catchy tunes, offering thrilling vertical shooting action for gaming enthusiasts

In the ever-evolving landscape of video games, the shooter genre stands as a testament to resilience. Despite periodic claims of its demise, shooters continue to persist, providing gamers with unique and exhilarating experiences.

One such offering that challenges the notion of the shooter’s stagnation is Iridion II, the much-anticipated sequel to the initial launch title, Iridion 3D. This game not only serves as a sequel but also as a renaissance, showcasing a commitment to learning from past mistakes and pushing the boundaries of what the shooter genre can offer.

Evolved Gameplay

The gameplay mechanics of a shooter may seem like a well-trodden path, but Iridion II injects a breath of fresh air into the genre. Departing from the rear-view perspective of its predecessor, the game adopts a vertical scrolling isometric view.

This alteration proves to be a game-changer, addressing visibility concerns that often plagued the first installment. Now, players can navigate with greater ease, avoiding potential obstacles and engaging with the game’s immersive world more effectively.

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Weaponry Unleashed: A Strategic Arsenal

The arsenal available to players receives a significant expansion, featuring six distinct weapon armaments. What sets this apart is the ability to choose these weapons before embarking on a mission, a departure from the default order approach common in most shooters.

However, not all weapons are created equal; some may initially seem underwhelming. The game introduces a captivating twist by allowing on-the-fly upgrades through power-up modules found throughout levels.

The introduction of weapon pods adds a layer of strategy. These deployable pods not only enhance firepower but also offer a degree of defense by blocking enemy fire. The strategic element comes into play as the pods’ position changes based on player actions.

Forward movement concentrates firepower but leaves the front vulnerable, while moving backward enhances defense. This dynamic aspect encourages players to thoughtfully manage their offensive and defensive capabilities, a welcome addition to the shooter genre.

Dynamic Levels

Levels unfold in a vertical isometric view, presenting challenges and obstacles. Contact with objects merely results in a spark animation, but staying behind them can lead to a crash. Each stage features two bosses, showcasing creative attacks but offering moderate difficulty, especially on normal modes.

Visual Delight

Shin’en abandons the 3D label but maintains stunning, detailed, and smoothly animated graphics. Despite occasional blandness, the game stands out among GBA titles, possibly ranking as one of the best visually.

Harmonious Audio

Iridion II delivers pleasant sound with catchy tunes and decent effects. The DS’s stereo speakers enhance the overall auditory experience, complementing the game’s immersive atmosphere.

A Rectified Sequel

Iridion II exemplifies a successful overhaul of its predecessor’s flaws. While the game is relatively easy, spanning around fifteen levels, it offers enjoyable gameplay. However, the inconvenience of a password system for progress continuity and limited replay value with minimal unlockables leave room for improvement.


Iridion II is a commendable effort, representing a 90% improvement over the original. Shooter enthusiasts and those seeking a refreshing GBA experience can find value in this reborn title, especially considering its affordable price tag.

Unleash your firepower and soar through dynamic levels – Iridion II: Where Evolution Meets Excitement!

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Play Iridion II Online Anywhere, Anytime

The beauty of Iridion II extends beyond the confines of the Game Boy Advance. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of vertical shooting action on your web browser, mobile device, or tablet. Whether at home or on the go, experience the thrill wherever your gaming adventures take you.

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Is Iridion II more challenging than its predecessor?

Iridion II offers a balanced difficulty level, especially on hard mode, providing a satisfying challenge without being overly punishing.

Are there significant improvements in graphics compared to Iridion 3D?

Yes, Iridion II features enhanced graphics, abandoning the 3D label but delivering detailed and visually appealing environments.

What makes the weapon system unique in Iridion II?

Players can choose from six weapons, and on-the-fly upgrades introduce strategic elements with deployable weapon pods for added firepower and defense.

How long does it take to complete Iridion II?

The game consists of around fifteen levels, and experienced players may complete it in approximately three days.

What are the replay value and unlockables in Iridion II?

While the game offers a jukebox mode, arcade mode, and challenge mode, the limited unlockables and reliance on a password system for progress may impact replay value.