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In Jackal, you play the role of a commando with the code name Jackal. Your mission is to infiltrate a Vietnamese prison hidden deep within Cambodia to rescue American prisoners of war.

In the midst of the chaos of war, the enemy has managed to capture a significant number of your brave comrades. These soldiers find themselves imprisoned in P.O.W. camps, effectively removed from the battlefield. However, a glimmer of hope remains. A daring rescue operation could bring them back into the fight, but it must be executed with the utmost precision.

Large military forces are impractical for such a mission, as their size and visibility would render them ineffective. Instead, a small and nimble approach is required. Picture this: a couple of jeeps, each crewed by about four fearless individuals.

These vehicles are modest enough not to constitute a severe loss, yet they are capable of making a critical difference in the rescue efforts. The soldiers in these jeeps must be prepared to battle fiercely, adopting the tactics of jackals to ensure their success.

The Thrilling World of Jackal

Jackal thrusts players into an intense overhead-view action-packed adventure designed for one or two players. Your mission is to command the jeep as it navigates a treacherous battlefield, making use of a variety of weapons and tactics.

Your primary objective is to locate the enemy facilities where your fellow soldiers are being held captive. Your task is to free as many of them as possible, and once they are liberated, guide them to a designated safe landing zone.

There, they will be air transported away from the battlefield. Be prepared for intense boss battles with the enemy at the end of each stage, a critical step in advancing toward victory.

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The Perilous Mission: A Closer Look

The gameplay in Jackal adheres to the traditional formula of eliminating foes and carrying out rescue operations, but with a unique twist. Instead of controlling just the commando, you’re in charge of a jeep. The game features six distinct “enemy territories” and is presented from an overhead perspective.

Armed with a machine gun and grenades (with potential upgrades to missiles), your success depends on your driving and combat skills.

The game’s graphics are not groundbreaking, and they fall short compared to earlier Konami titles like Metal Gear. However, the true essence of Jackal lies in its gameplay, and in that regard, it shines.

The jeep is highly responsive to your commands, although you may occasionally find it getting stuck against obstacles.

While your machine gun only fires upward, you can throw grenades in any direction. To rescue the POWs, you must destroy the POW huts and collect the escaping soldiers. Once collected, you need to escort them to a waiting helicopter for extraction. A

long the way, you’ll encounter special POW huts that contain unique prisoners. Liberating them will upgrade your grenades: first to missiles, then two-way explosive missiles, and finally four-way explosive missiles.

To intensify the challenge, special POWs are scarce, appearing in just a couple of huts within each stage. Surprisingly, the bosses in Jackal lack the grandeur of some Konami titles, except for the final boss—a formidable and challenging massive laser tank.

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Jackal stands as another remarkable addition to Konami’s repertoire of thrilling shooters. Its dynamic gameplay, combined with the unique jeep control mechanic, creates a captivating gaming experience.

As you traverse the battlefield, you’ll witness the consequences of your actions, adding a layer of immersion to the game.

If you’ve ever wondered about the roots of action games or simply seek a nostalgic escape into the gaming past, look no further than Jackal.

Play Jackal Online

You can play Jackal online, in a web browser on your mobile device or tablet, this classic game is accessible to all. So, relive the thrill of the rescue mission, upgrade your grenades, and challenge those formidable boss battles.

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Is Jackal available for free?

The availability of Jackal may vary, but it can often be found on classic game websites or as part of retro game collections.

How do I upgrade my grenades in Jackal?

To upgrade your grenades in Jackal, you need to rescue special POWs that appear in unique huts. Liberating them will enhance your arsenal.

What kind of gameplay can I expect from Jackal?

Jackal offers overhead-view gameplay where you control a jeep armed with a machine gun and grenades. Your mission is to rescue imprisoned soldiers and guide them to a safe landing zone for extraction. Challenging boss battles await at the end of each stage.