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Jazz Jackrabbit GBA delivers a nostalgic revival with improved controls, diverse weaponry, and challenging enemies, offering an enjoyable experience for fans and newcomers alike

Jazz Jackrabbit, once a popular gaming icon, returns after four years of obscurity in a lackluster reboot for the Game Boy Advance (GBA). Developed by Game Titan and published by Jaleco, the attempt at revitalizing the series falls short of expectations.

Rediscovering Jazz

In this GBA version, Jazz undergoes a transformation from a Rambo-esque mercenary to a more Han Solo-ish secret agent. However, the humor and charm of the original series are lost in a feeble attempt at parody.

Gameplay Reimagined

Jazz retains his iconic helicopter ears from Jazz 2, now more critical as he can suffer fall damage. The game introduces a new focus on weaponry over speed, allowing Jazz to aim and shoot in all eight directions. While this enhances combat, Jazz’s floaty and slippery controls make precision platforming challenging.

Weapons and Ammunition

The emphasis on guns takes center stage, with Jazz needing to collect weapons before accessing their ammo. Carrot grenades add explosive power, but they come with the risk of damaging Jazz. Despite the variety, many weapons feel uninspired, and some even harm Jazz if not used cautiously.

Jazz Jackrabbit (GBA gallery 03)

Monetary Motivation

Money becomes a new element as Jazz collects it throughout levels. At the end of each planet, a shop allows players to spend their earnings on weapons and extra lives.

Lackluster Level Design

The game’s level design falls short, featuring sparse environments that lack variety. Levels become repetitive routines of shooting enemies, finding keys, and pulling levers. Limited hazards or gimmicks make every level feel the same, with little to differentiate them.

Enemy Challenges

Enemies pose a significant threat, dealing substantial damage, especially with hitscan weapons. Enduring damage becomes a test of survival, exacerbated by the high price of 1-Ups in the shop. While the game offers respawns and saves progress at the end of each level, low life counts increase the difficulty.

Visuals and Sound

Graphics present a mixed bag, with decent-looking sprites but repetitive level design. The music, created from samples, surpasses typical GBA quality but lacks a distinctive flair, missing a suitable boss theme.


Jazz Jackrabbit on the GBA stands as a mediocre addition to the series. Its failure to acknowledge the roots, uninspired level design, and inconsistent difficulty curve make it a forgettable platformer. While the attempt to revive the series is appreciated, the lack of effort leaves players wondering if it was worth the trouble.

Rediscover the charm of Jazz in this lackluster GBA reboot, where uninspired weapons and repetitive levels overshadow the once-beloved gaming icon.

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Can Jazz Jackrabbit GBA match the charm of the original series?

Unfortunately, the attempt at rebooting the series falls short, lacking the humor and charm of the originals.

How does the game handle difficulty and respawns?

The game features inconsistent difficulty, with respawns at the point of death. However, limited lives and high 1-Up prices in the shop increase the challenge.

Are the weapons in Jazz Jackrabbit GBA engaging?

While the game introduces various weapons, many feel uninspired, with some even posing a risk to the player character.

What distinguishes Jazz Jackrabbit GBA from other platformers on the GBA?

Unfortunately, the game’s lackluster level design and repetitive gameplay fail to distinguish it from other, more engaging platformers on the GBA.

Is Jazz Jackrabbit GBA worth playing for fans of the series?

Only die-hard fans of the series may find value in playing Jazz Jackrabbit GBA, as it struggles to recapture the essence of the beloved original games.