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Jurassic War offers a real-time strategy experience with a prehistoric twist, spiced up with RPG elements.

The game draws inspiration from the likes of Warcraft, both in terms of graphics and unit controls. Your journey begins with a crucial decision: selecting your tribe.

Each tribe boasts its unique characteristics, including “simple men,” who, unlike typical worker units, can evolve. Furthermore, each tribe presents variations in advanced unit types, such as “magicians” and more.

Unleashing the Power of Experience

The RPG facet of Jurassic War is woven into the fabric of your units’ growth. Experience is the key to evolution here. Every time one of your units vanquishes an opponent, whether it’s an animal hunted for food or an enemy unit, they gain experience.

These experiences manifest as bars in the upper-right corner of the screen when a unit is selected. These bars represent different attributes, such as velocity, light radius, magic power, and more. You have the flexibility to prioritize certain attributes for a quicker boost at the expense of others.

These bars collectively influence the unit’s overall strength, culminating in a single bar at the top. The color of this bar signifies the unit’s level, with white being the pinnacle. Powerful creatures like Tyrannosaurus-like dinosaurs are usually found with white bars, and reaching this level requires rigorous training against high-level monsters.

Even animals acquire experience, but only when you engage them in combat.

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Survival in a Prehistoric World

The primary objective of Jurassic War mirrors that of most real-time strategy games: eliminate enemy units and establish dominance on the map.

However, what sets this game apart is the shift from a focus on conquest to one of survival. You are tasked with ensuring the survival of your tribe in the unforgiving prehistoric environment. This involves finding food, battling various creatures, from tigers to massive dinosaurs, and strategically choosing shelter locations.

While not as intricate as some other survival-based games, Jurassic War effectively captures the essence of the survival-of-the-fittest concept and introduces a unique twist to the strategy gaming landscape.

The Underrated Gem

Jurassic War, an intriguing Warcraft-inspired venture with a prehistoric twist, hails from Korea and is a hidden gem that deserved more recognition. Although its visuals may not initially stand out, the game’s attempt to introduce RPG elements and a focus on prehistoric survival is commendable.

It offers a refreshing take on real-time strategy and is sure to delight strategy enthusiasts willing to look beyond the surface. Jurassic War may not be a chart-topper, but it’s a well-crafted experience that should be on the radar of all strategy fans.

“Survive, evolve, and conquer in the untamed world of Jurassic War.”

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Play Jurassic War Online

Play Jurassic War online, in a web browser and enjoy the journey of survival, evolution, and dominance.


Jurassic War brings a unique blend of real-time strategy and RPG elements to the gaming landscape. Its focus on survival in a prehistoric world, along with the evolution of your tribe, adds depth to the gameplay.

Despite its underwhelming visuals, Jurassic War is an underrated gem that deserves more attention. Whether you’re a fan of strategy games or looking for something fresh, this journey to prehistoric times is well worth your consideration.

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Is Jurassic War similar to Warcraft in terms of gameplay?

Yes, Jurassic War draws clear inspiration from Warcraft, both in terms of graphics and unit controls. It offers a real-time strategy experience with a prehistoric twist.

What makes Jurassic War different from other real-time strategy games?

Jurassic War takes a unique approach by shifting the focus from conquest to survival. Your goal is to ensure the survival of your tribe in the challenging prehistoric environment by finding food, battling various creatures, and strategically choosing shelter locations.

How does the RPG aspect work in Jurassic War?

In Jurassic War, your units gain experience by defeating opponents. Experience is reflected through bars representing different attributes, such as velocity, light radius, and magic power. You can prioritize specific attributes for quicker advancement, and these bars collectively determine the unit’s overall strength.