Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

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Land of Illusion delivers captivating gameplay, exquisite graphics, stellar sound, and enduring replayability, making it a quintessential Master System gem

Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse holds a special place for me as the first Mickey game I played on the Master System.

It was an exciting experience, especially since I got to play it months before its release in Portugal, thanks to a friend who bought it in London. In this review, I’ll share my deep appreciation for this game, considering it the standout among the three “Illusion” titles on the SMS.


The game’s narrative follows the classic fairy tale trope. Mickey, engrossed in a book of fairy tales (this was in the pre-Internet era!), falls asleep only to wake up in a mysterious village. He learns that an evil phantom has stolen the village’s Crystal, plunging the land into darkness.

With courage in his heart, Mickey embarks on a quest to the Castle in the Clouds to retrieve the Crystal. The journey unfolds across 14 captivating levels, each offering addictive and varied gameplay. Much like Castle of Illusion, Mickey can throw apples, leap on foes, swim, climb, and engage in various activities.

What sets this game apart is the array of tasks Mickey can perform, ensuring gameplay remains dynamic and engrossing.

Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse (SMS gallery 04)


The graphics in Land of Illusion are quintessentially Master System – a blend of excellence and nostalgia. The clever use of the 8-bit Sega color palette brings vibrancy to each of the 14 distinct and finely detailed levels.

Both backgrounds and characters are rendered with precision, showcasing some of the finest graphics the SMS has to offer. Personally, I have a soft spot for the Sand Castle level (King Donald’s Castle).


Sound & Music

The auditory experience in this game is nothing short of stellar, solidifying its position among the best for the Master System. Every level boasts engaging music and sound design. There isn’t a single track that falls flat, a testament to the game’s exceptional quality. The music in the Sand Castle Level stands out, as it happens to be my personal favorite.

Dive in to an enchanting journey with Mickey in Land of Illusion – a timeless classic for the Sega Master System!


“Excellent” sums up the controls succinctly. Attacking involves throwing apples (Button 1) or performing a leap onto enemies (Buttons 2+1). Mickey’s repertoire extends to swimming, climbing, and a host of other actions, all deftly maneuvered using the Directional Pad.

The controls’ versatility is showcased as Mickey adapts to different scenarios throughout the game, like shrinking when needed or skillfully using a climbing rope.

Replay Value

Land of Illusion beckons players for multiple playthroughs. For the average gamer, the allure of discovering hidden stars and secrets strewn across the levels ensures at least 2 to 3 replays.

Die-hard Illusion Series enthusiasts, like myself, find the game to be an everlasting adventure. I’ve completed it a solid 15 times, and my journey is far from over. How about you?

Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse (SMS gallery 01)


With stunning graphics, remarkable sound design, engaging gameplay, and enduring replayability, Land of Illusion is a gem that every Mickey and Sega Master System enthusiast should own. Don’t miss out on this gaming masterpiece!

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Can I play Land of Illusion on modern consoles?

Yes, Land of Illusion is available for various modern gaming platforms through digital emulation or re-releases. For example, on our website.

Are there any sequels to Land of Illusion?

Yes, Land of Illusion is part of the Illusion series, which includes Castle of Illusion and World of Illusion, each offering unique adventures with Mickey Mouse.

How long does it take to complete Land of Illusion?

On average, a skilled player can complete Land of Illusion in about 2 to 3 hours. However, discovering all secrets and hidden areas may extend gameplay.

What makes Land of Illusion stand out from other platformers?

Land of Illusion distinguishes itself with its captivating storyline, diverse gameplay elements, meticulously designed levels, and exceptional graphics and sound.

Is Land of Illusion available in physical format for collectors?

Yes, original copies of Land of Illusion for the Sega Master System can be found online for collectors seeking an authentic gaming experience.