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Unleash Lemmings: A Puzzle-Strategy Classic

Join the world of Lemmings, a captivating puzzle-strategy video game originally developed by DMA Design and published by Psygnosis in 1991.

Bursting with creativity and ingenuity, Lemmings takes players on a journey of guiding anthropomorphized lemmings through various challenges to reach a designated exit.

Developed by Russell Kay, Mike Dailly, and David Jones, the game’s inspiration sparked from a simple animation experiment using Deluxe Paint.

The Lemmings’ Quest

Your mission in Lemmings is to guide a group of these adorable lemmings through an array of obstacles and hurdles, ensuring they safely reach the exit.

To secure victory, you must strategically assign one of eight distinct skills to specific lemmings, enabling them to reshape the landscape, influence their peers, and overcome obstacles.

The challenge lies in saving the required number of lemmings while managing their unique abilities to forge a safe path.

Acclaim and Legacy

Lemmings quickly became a sensation, garnering high praise in the early 1990s gaming scene. It achieved remarkable recognition as the second-highest-rated game in the history of Amstrad Action and secured a position as the eighth-greatest game of all time by Next Generation in 1996.

The game’s enduring popularity led to its widespread distribution and sales, with an estimated 20 million copies sold across various platforms. Furthermore, Lemmings’ success paved the way for sequels, remakes, spin-offs, and inspired the creation of similar engaging games.

Countless retrospective reviews hail Lemmings as a pinnacle of gaming excellence.

Navigating the Lemmings’ World

Lemmings offers players an assortment of levels, thoughtfully grouped into four difficulty tiers.

The game kicks off with trap doors opening to release a continuous stream of lemmings, following each other closely.

Your lemmings will face challenges like treacherous drops, cleverly placed traps, and pools of fiery lava.

Guiding the Green-Haired Explorers

Your primary objective in each level is to guide the green-haired, blue-robed lemmings from their entrance to a safe exit.

However, unless assigned a specific task, each lemming relentlessly walks forward, turning around when they encounter an obstacle.

A lemming’s journey can meet various ends, including falling from great heights, drowning in water or lava, or even self-destructing as a Bomber. Each level has a time constraint, adding an extra layer of challenge as you strive to rescue as many lemmings as possible.

Lemmings’ blend of strategic thinking and adorable charm has solidified its place in gaming history, inspiring generations of players to guide their lemming friends to safety.

Skills at Your Disposal

To succeed, you must strategically assign eight distinct skills to your lemmings.

Climbers scale vertical surfaces but fall from overhangs, Floaters parachute down safely, Bombers self-destruct, Blockers stand still to divert their peers, Builders construct stairways, and Bashers, Miners, and Diggers manipulate the landscape in different ways.

Real-Time Challenge

Lemmings keeps you on your toes as skills can only be assigned in real-time, demanding quick thinking and adaptability.

You can adjust the rate at which lemmings are released and even “nuke” remaining lemmings to convert them into Bombers. This feature proves valuable for strategic maneuvers or swift level completion.

Embark on an Online Lemmings Adventure

Relive the Lemmings excitement by playing the game online for free in your web browser.

Immerse yourself in the challenges, creativity, and nostalgia of guiding these endearing creatures to safety.

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What is the objective of Lemmings?

The goal of Lemmings is to guide a group of lemmings through obstacles to reach a designated exit while utilizing various skills to ensure their safety.

How do I assign skills to lemmings?

As a player, you assign skills in real-time to specific lemmings to overcome obstacles and shape the landscape, ensuring their successful passage.

What are the available skills in Lemmings?

Lemmings can be assigned skills such as Climbing, Floating, Bombing, Blocking, Building, Bashing, Mining, and Digging, each serving a unique purpose.

How does the two-player mode work?

In the two-player mode, each player controls lemmings of their own color and strives to guide more lemmings to their respective goals.

How does the difficulty categorization function?

Lemmings levels are grouped into four difficulty categories – “Fun,” “Tricky,” “Taxing,” and “Mayhem” – each reflecting the challenges and complexity players will encounter.