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Lock On delivers a unique, 360-degree combat experience with customizable controls, impressive mode 7 graphics, and strategic gameplay challenges on the SNES

Imagine the thrill of the skies, the clash of metal, and the heart-pounding excitement of aerial combat. Lock On delivers an unparalleled flight combat experience, inviting players to step into the cockpit of the most advanced warplanes. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a rookie to the skies, Lock On promises an adventure that will keep your adrenaline pumping.

Gameplay Overview

Customizable Controls

Lock On sets itself apart with a highly customizable control scheme. Players can tailor their flight experience, from adjusting the lever sensitivity to choosing their preferred button layout. Whether you prefer the authenticity of a normal setup or the challenge of a reversed control scheme, the game adapts to your style.

Diverse Aircraft Fleet

At the outset, pilots can choose from two available aircraft, each boasting unique strengths. As you progress, two additional planes become unlockable, rewarding your skills and determination. This selection ensures that every mission can be approached with a strategy that suits your playstyle.

Lock On (SNES gallery 01)

Visuals and Combat Mechanics

Stunning Graphics

Leveraging the Super Nintendo‘s mode 7 capabilities, Lock On showcases detailed environments and aircraft models that rival professional-grade simulations. The game’s third-person perspective immerses players in a visually stunning theatre of war, making every dogfight an unforgettable spectacle.

Engaging Combat

Combat in Lock On is as challenging as it is rewarding. The gatling gun becomes your best ally in the sky, especially effective when enemies dare to head straight for you. However, the true test comes from mastering 360-degree combat, a feature that sets Lock On apart from rail-based air combat games. This freedom requires pilots to outmaneuver opponents who are adept at evading your crosshairs.

Strategic Challenges

Evasive Enemies and Fuel Management

Your adversaries in Lock On are not only aggressive but cunning, often attempting to lock onto your six. Utilize the barrel roll and speed adjustments to dodge incoming fire and position yourself for the perfect shot. Additionally, players must keep a keen eye on their fuel gauge. Lingering too long in dogfights without completing objectives might leave you gliding helplessly through the sky.

Personal Reflection

While Lock On offers a break from traditional on-rails air combat games, its ambitious 360-degree dogfighting can be both its biggest draw and its steepest challenge. The thrill of freedom in the skies comes with the complexity of engaging swift and elusive targets. Yet, for those who yearn for an unbridled flight combat experience, Lock On might just be the perfect departure from the norm.


Lock On stands as a testament to the potential of flight combat games, offering a blend of customizable controls, breathtaking visuals, and challenging gameplay. While it may not cater to all, its ambitious design and engaging mechanics provide a fresh and exhilarating experience for enthusiasts of the genre.

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Play Lock On Online Anywhere

Embark on your aerial adventure across any platform. Lock On is available on web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets, ensuring that the skies are never out of reach. Take the helm of your aircraft and soar into combat wherever you are, whenever you wish.

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Can I customize the controls in Lock On ?

Yes, Lock On offers customizable controls allowing players to adjust the control lever sensitivity and change the control scheme of the buttons to suit their playstyle. Whether you prefer normal or reversed controls, the game provides options to tailor your flying experience.

How many aircraft are available in Lock On, and can I unlock more?

At the beginning of Lock On, players have a choice of two aircraft. As you progress through the game, you have the opportunity to unlock two additional planes, making a total of four aircraft to choose from. Each plane has unique characteristics, offering different strategic advantages.

Does this game utilize the Super Nintendo's mode 7 graphics?

Yes, this game makes excellent use of the Super Nintendo’s mode 7 capabilities to deliver detailed environments and aircraft models. The game’s graphics are highly praised for their professional quality, enhancing the overall immersive experience of aerial combat.

What makes combat in Lock On unique compared to other flight combat games?

Unlike many flight combat games that are on rails, Lock On features combat in a 360-degree open environment. This allows for more dynamic dogfights, requiring players to master maneuvering and targeting in all directions. However, this also means enemies can be more evasive, presenting a unique challenge.

Is it possible to run out of fuel in this game ?

Yes, players must manage their fuel levels carefully in this game. Engaging in prolonged dogfights without completing objectives can deplete your fuel, adding an extra layer of strategic planning to ensure you can accomplish your mission objectives in time.