Lode Runner

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Lode Runner is a classic 2D puzzle-platform game originally released in 1983. Play Lode Runner online, in a web browser!

Developed by Doug Smith and published by Broderbund, the game challenges players to navigate through levels filled with gold pieces while avoiding pursuing enemies. It became known for its innovative level editor feature that allowed players to create and share custom levels.


In Lode Runner, players control a stick figure character on multi-story, brick platform levels equipped with ladders, suspended hand-to-hand bars, and traps. The main goal is to collect all the gold pieces and reach the top of the screen to advance to the next level. However, players must also outmaneuver guards who can pick up gold bars, making their task more challenging.

Enemy AI

Guards move alternatively and may exhibit counterintuitive behavior, keeping players on their toes and requiring intuitive anticipation of their movements.

Permitted Contact

The player can interact with guards by directly contacting their heads from above, enabling them to walk over temporarily trapped guards. This contact can also be utilized while both the player and a guard are in free fall, adding an extra dimension to the gameplay.

Trapping and Using Guards

Strategic trapping of guards can be beneficial in some levels, as they can be lured into areas without escape routes. Additionally, players can use guards to collect gold pieces that might otherwise be unreachable.

Traversal Orders

Certain levels demand careful planning and traversal order, as one-way passages might prevent backtracking and require thoughtful maneuvering to collect all gold pieces.


Advanced levels feature time-sensitive puzzles, where players must dig quickly to collect gold and escape before the terrain repairs itself, potentially trapping the player character.


Lode Runner remains a beloved classic among fans of vintage games, offering challenging puzzles and engaging gameplay. Its level editor feature extends the game’s replayability, providing players with endless creativity.

Play Lode Runner Online

Experience the nostalgia of Lode Runner by playing it online on our website, where you can relive the classic puzzle-solving adventure directly in your browser.

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How many levels are there in Lode Runner?

Lode Runner consists of 150 levels, progressively challenging players with each level.

Can I create my own custom levels in Lode Runner?

While the original MS-DOS version allowed players to create custom levels using the level editor, the online version may vary in this feature.

Are the guard movements in Lode Runner predictable?

While guards tend to move alternatively, their behavior can sometimes be counterintuitive, requiring players to develop intuition in predicting their movements.

Is Lode Runner available on other platforms?

Yes, after the original release, Lode Runner appeared on various computers and consoles with a series of remakes, spin-offs, and sequels.

How does the player character interact with guards?

The player can come into contact with a guard’s head from above, allowing them to walk over temporarily trapped guards. The game requires skillful use of this contact to solve some levels.