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Loom is a fantasy-themed graphic adventure game, saw the light of day in 1990 thanks to Lucasfilm Games.

Led by Brian Moriarty, a renowned figure in the world of interactive fiction, the game pushed the boundaries of traditional graphical adventures by weaving an intricate story driven by the art of musical magic.


In contrast to Lucasfilm’s previous adventure games, Loom offers a departure in terms of gameplay and complexity.

Instead of relying on the conventional mechanics of character interaction, environmental puzzles, and inventory management, Loom introduces players to the power of musical spells known as “drafts.”

Our protagonist, Bobbin Threadbare, possesses a distaff imbued with the capability to create magic through these mystical four-note tunes.

Each draft wields specific effects, ranging from “Opening” to “Night Vision.”

What sets Loom apart is the unconventional approach to puzzles, instead of item-based conundrums, you manipulate reality itself with your drafts.

Bobbin’s journey through this enchanting world involves observing objects that embody the qualities of particular drafts.

By studying and interacting with these objects, he learns to master their corresponding magical tunes. The game’s complexity evolves with the addition of more notes, unlocking a rich tapestry of spells.

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Navigating the Musical Scales

Loom introduces three levels of difficulty, each varying in its guidance of the musical notes’ arrangement.

From the novice-friendly “Standard” level that provides a clear visual representation of notes to the challenging “Expert” level that requires an ear for music, the game caters to a diverse audience.

Notably, the “Expert” players are rewarded with an exclusive cutscene unavailable to other difficulty settings.


Loom’s narrative is a rich tapestry woven with threads of magic and mystique. The game opens with a 30-minute audio drama, setting the stage for an intriguing world.

The story unfolds in the year 8021, in a realm characterized by great guilds and the intricate dance between control and rebellion. A humble guild of Weavers rises to prominence, wielding the power to shape the very fabric of reality itself.

The story revolves around Lady Cygna Threadbare, a mother burdened with grief, who seeks to harness the Loom’s power to alleviate her guild’s suffering.

However, her actions provoke the wrath of the Elders and set the stage for an unforeseen destiny.

A Hero’s Journey

Bobbin Threadbare’s life begins with mystery and chaos. His presence in the pattern challenges the norms of the Weavers’ world, setting the stage for an extraordinary adventure.

The Elders forbid Bobbin from learning the ways of the Guild until his seventeenth birthday. Nonetheless, he receives clandestine instruction from Dame Hetchel, an act that sets in motion the tale we explore.

On his seventeenth birthday, Bobbin’s fate takes a dramatic turn as he discovers his true purpose.

He witnesses an astonishing transformation, propelling him into an epic journey that leads to a powerful confrontation with a force that threatens to engulf the world in chaos.

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The Ultimate Battle

Bobbin’s quest unfolds as he unravels the mysteries of the Guild and encounters various other guilds, each with its unique challenges and adventures. His path intersects with Bishop Mandible, a figure who seeks to exploit the Weavers’ distaff for dark purposes.

This encounter sparks a cataclysmic event that unleashes an entity known as “Chaos” into the world.

The fate of the world hangs in the balance as Bobbin races to mend the pattern of existence, heal the torn fabric of reality, and ultimately confront Chaos itself.

It’s a battle of magic, destiny, and the power to shape reality.

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The adventure is very original, you assume the role of Bobbin Threadbare, a special member of the Weaver race born from the great loom. You are left alone after tragic events with your only item in the game: the distaff, a magical stick, it has the power to change the physical properties of objects.

To change theses attributes, Bobbin has to touch an object and play four notes defined by the player.

That’s were the game is so innovative, it uses the same system as in the Link Ocarina of Time game, but this was a decade before. The player learn different notes through the game and the expert mode is ear only ! For this difficulty, the reward is a unique end scene.

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What makes Loom's gameplay unique compared to other adventure games?

Loom introduces a magical musical system where players manipulate reality with musical notes, replacing traditional inventory-based puzzles.

How does the game's difficulty affect the gameplay?

Loom offers three difficulty levels, with Expert mode requiring players to rely on their musical ear, and it rewards expert players with exclusive content.

What is the significance of drafts in Loom?

Drafts are magical tunes that drive the game’s puzzles and magic system. They hold the key to unraveling the game’s mysteries.

Who is Bobbin Threadbare, and what is his role in the story?

Bobbin Threadbare is the protagonist, embarking on a hero’s journey to confront an impending chaos and uncover the secrets of the Weavers’ Guild.

What challenges await Bobbin on his quest, and who is the primary antagonist?

Bobbin encounters various guilds and ultimately confronts Bishop Mandible, setting the stage for a dramatic battle against the powerful entity known as Chaos.