Mario is Missing!

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Uncover Stolen Treasures and Save Mario in Mario is Missing!

Embark on an educational adventure in Mario is Missing! Developed and published by The Software Toolworks in 1993, this game offers a unique twist to the classic Mario franchise.

Taking on the role of Luigi, players must traverse the globe, solve puzzles, and recover stolen artifacts to rescue Mario from the clutches of the mischievous Bowser.

This game marks Luigi’s debut as the main protagonist, a role he wouldn’t revisit until “Luigi’s Mansion” in 2001.

Gameplay and Quest

Mario is Missing! combines elements of point-and-click adventure and platforming. As Luigi, you explore various cities across the world, each housing stolen treasures that need to be reclaimed.

Bowser has devised a cunning plan to use his PORTALS system to pilfer these artifacts and fund his hairdryer-driven scheme to melt Antarctica’s ice. It’s up to Luigi to outsmart Bowser and save his brother Mario.

The gameplay varies slightly between versions. The computer iteration employs a point-and-click interface, while the NES and SNES versions incorporate platforming elements. You’ll use the Globulator—a map of the world—to direct Yoshi’s movements, aiding in reuniting him with Luigi.

To recover the stolen treasures, Luigi interacts with locals, collects clues, and dispatches Koopas to retrieve the artifacts. Each city, such as New York, Cairo, and Paris, poses its own set of challenges and puzzles.

Saving the Day

As Luigi recovers the stolen treasures, he must present them to the appropriate tourist information centers to ensure their authenticity. Along the way, Luigi faces off against Bowser’s minions and Koopaling kids, each guarding their loot and blocking his path.

The ultimate goal is to thwart Bowser’s plan, defeat him, and rescue Mario from his grasp.

The game features iconic locations like the Great Sphinx of Giza, the Mona Lisa, and Big Ben, adding an educational element to the adventure. With each retrieved artifact, a photo is taken of Luigi, commemorating his triumph.

In Mario is Missing!, the game’s original development was planned as a Mario-themed time-traveling adventure.

However, the concept eventually shifted to feature Luigi as the protagonist, making it one of the rare instances where Luigi takes the lead role in a game.

This change brought a fresh perspective to the Mario universe, allowing players to experience the familiar world from a new vantage point and highlighting Luigi’s capabilities in a puzzle-solving and educational context.

Play Mario is Missing! online

Experience the nostalgia of Mario is Missing! directly from your web browser on our website. Immerse yourself in the challenging and entertaining gameplay, solve puzzles, and relive Luigi’s quest to save Mario. Play Mario is Missing! online!

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the game, our online version provides an accessible and convenient way to enjoy this classic title. Get ready to dive into the world of Mario is Missing! and become Luigi’s ally in rescuing Mario from Bowser’s clutches.

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Is Mario is Missing! part of the official Mario series?

No, Mario is Missing! is a spin-off game that features Luigi as the main character. It falls under the educational Mario games category.

What platforms can I play the online version of the game on?

You can play the online version of Mario is Missing! directly in your web browser on our website, making it compatible with various devices.

What is the main objective of the game?

The primary goal is to control Luigi and travel around the world to recover stolen artifacts, defeat Bowser’s minions, and ultimately rescue Mario.

How does the gameplay differ between versions?

The computer version uses a point-and-click adventure style, while the NES and SNES versions incorporate platforming elements for a unique gameplay experience.

Is this game suitable for all ages?

Mario is Missing! is designed to be an educational game suitable for players of various ages, offering an entertaining way to learn about geography and history.