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Mario Teaches Typing: A Fun Edutainment Game

Mario Teaches Typing, developed and published by Interplay Productions, is a licensed edutainment game that belongs to the Super Mario series. Originally released for MS-DOS in 1992, it later came to Microsoft Windows and Macintosh in 1994.

The game aims to improve players’ typing skills by engaging them in various typing exercises featuring iconic Super Mario characters.

Learn Typing with Mario

In Mario Teaches Typing, players embark on a typing adventure with Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach as their teacher.

The game’s MS-DOS version was the first in the Super Mario series to feature Mario’s voice, voiced by Ronald B. Ruben. However, in the CD-ROM release for Windows and Mac, a floating Mario head, voiced by Charles Martinet, serves as the narrator and guide throughout the game.

Engaging Gameplay

The gameplay revolves around typing sequences of keys displayed on the computer screen. The main menu offers several options, including “File,” “Student,” and “Lesson.”

Players can activate or deactivate sound effects and music, explore the in-game credits, access help and demos, or quit the game.

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By creating a new profile in the “Student” menu, players can select a playable character and set a “GOAL WPM” parameter to unlock advanced modes. Each mode presents different sets of keys to type, gradually increasing in difficulty.

Multiple Modes and Challenges

Mario Teaches Typing offers five playable modes, each represented by an icon on the main menu. Players can view their in-game performance on the dashboard, tracking metrics like time, average WPM, and accuracy.

The game features a time limit, and completing a mode leads to a results screen with Mario in a scholar outfit pointing to the player’s achievements on a chalkboard.

A Story of Typewriters and Adventure

The CD-ROM release introduces an animated storyline absent from the original MS-DOS version. Mario and Luigi stumble upon the Magical Typewriter, which explodes and scatters its pieces. To improve Mario’s typing skills, they embark on a quest to recover the typewriter’s parts and take on Bowser’s Castle.

Play Mario Teaches Typing Online for Free

Experience the joy of learning to type with Mario and his friends. You can now play Mario Teaches Typing online for free, right here on our website.

Engage in fun typing exercises and embark on an adventure with Mario as your guide.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your typing speed, this game provides a playful and educational experience.

Did you know? The CD-ROM version of Mario Teaches Typing introduces a fun storyline where Mario and Luigi embark on an adventure to recover the scattered pieces of the Magical Typewriter.

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In Conclusion

Mario Teaches Typing offers an enjoyable and educational experience for players of all ages.

Whether you’re a Super Mario fan or simply looking to improve your typing skills, this game is a fantastic way to engage with the beloved characters while honing your typing abilities.

Embark on the typing adventure with Mario and friends, and may your fingers become as swift and agile as the iconic plumber’s jumps.

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When was Mario Teaches Typing first released?

The game was originally released for MS-DOS in 1992 and later came to Windows and Macintosh in 1994.

Who are the playable characters in Mario Teaches Typing?

Players can choose to learn typing with Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach.

How can I unlock advanced modes in the game?

To unlock advanced modes, you need to set a specific “GOAL WPM” parameter in your profile.

What does the "Certificates" option in the "Student" menu represent?

The “Certificates” option displays a certificate earned by completing every challenge in the game.

Can I play Mario Teaches Typing on modern computers?

Yes, you can now play Mario Teaches Typing online for free, making it accessible on modern systems through a web browser.