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Mech Platoon delivers exhilarating real-time strategy on Game Boy Advance, offering diverse units, seamless cross-platform play, and over 100 mech combinations for a thrilling gaming experience

Mech Platoon, a real-time strategy war simulation, challenges players to command an army in a resource-driven battle for supremacy. Despite the Game Boy Advance‘s limitations, Mech Platoon stands tall among classic PC strategy games like Starcraft and Command & Conquer.

Resource Management

In this game, success hinges on effective resource management. Players mine sand, rock, and crystal to deploy units, construct bases, and upgrade their forces. With a well-designed system for converting lesser minerals, Mech Platoon ensures a constant strategic balance.

Unit Variety and Game Balance

Mech Platoon boasts an impressive array of units and game balance. With a 30-unit-per-stage maximum, players can unlock around 20 stock mechs and create custom variations. Diverse arm, torso, and leg implements offer countless combinations, each impacting attack, armor, movement, and hit points.

Gameplay and Controls

The gameplay in Mech Platoon is intuitive, allowing players to select, command, and merge units effortlessly. The GBA’s face buttons facilitate commands, making it easy to control individual units, entire squads, or merged teams. Short-, mid-, and long-range attacks add depth to the strategic choices.


While not as stylish as Nintendo’s Advance Wars, Mech Platoon’s graphics rival PC-based strategy sims. A full-motion video introduction and training mode prepare players for increasingly complex terrains and unit types. Some slowdown during larger skirmishes is a minor trade-off for detailed animations.

Mech Platoon (GBA gallery 04)


The audio experience in Mech Platoon includes ear-wrenching midi music, but players can opt to disable it. Crisp digitized sound effects add a layer of immersion to the game, breaking up the auditory monotony.

Variety and Exploration

With over 50 single-player stages across three campaigns, this game offers extensive content. A four-player versus mode and a wealth of hidden parts, enemy components, and secret bonuses provide more than 100 mech combinations for players to discover.


Mech Platoon stands as a high-quality real-time strategy game on the Game Boy Advance. While it may not convert non-RTS fans, its variety, strategic depth, and exploration potential make it a must-play for genre enthusiasts.

Command your forces, conquer the battlefield – Mech Platoon: Where Strategy Meets Mastery.

Mech Platoon (GBA gallery 01)


Mech Platoon excels as a strategic gem on the Game Boy Advance, offering a rich blend of resource management, diverse gameplay, and exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned RTS enthusiast or new to the genre, Mech Platoon promises an engaging and immersive tactical experience.

Play Mech Platoon Online Anywhere, Anytime

Experience Mech Platoon’s strategic brilliance on the web, mobile devices, and tablets. Dive into the action seamlessly across platforms and showcase your tactical prowess wherever you go.

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Can Mech Platoon be played on mobile devices?

Yes, this game offers cross-platform gameplay, allowing you to enjoy the game on both mobile devices and tablets.

How many mech combinations are there in this game?

This game features over 100 different mech combinations, providing players with a vast array of strategic options.

What makes this game stand out among Game Boy Advance games?

The game distinguishes itself with its comprehensive resource management, diverse units, and strategic depth, offering a unique experience on the GBA.

Is this game suitable for beginners in the RTS genre?

While this game may not serve as an entry point for RTS newcomers, its variety and exploration elements make it engaging for seasoned genre enthusiasts.

Can the music in this game be turned off?

Yes, players have the option to disable the midi music in this game, allowing them to tailor the audio experience to their preferences.