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Men in Black: The Series on Game Boy Advance offers a nostalgic alien-busting adventure with challenging gameplay, diverse missions, and seamless cross-platform accessibility

Welcome to the world of Men in Black: The Series, a Game Boy Advance title that immerses players in the iconic MIB universe. Developed by the now-defunct publisher Crave, this game endeavors to deliver an adventure alongside the alien-busting agents J and K. But does it successfully live up to the expectations set by the beloved franchise?

Unleash the inner agent in you and join the Men in Black: The Series adventure – where every mission counts, and every alien encounter is a memory to erase.

Gameplay Overview

Men in Black: The Series presents itself as a 2D side-scrolling game with six stages, each resembling an episode in the animated series. The narrative is minimal, with Agent Zed assigning missions to Agents J and K, urging them to thwart alien activities. Unfortunately, the simplicity of the game doesn’t work in its favor, making it one of the forgettable licensed games in the market.

Controls and Movement

Navigating the controls proves needlessly intricate for a 2D side-scroller. The absence of a standard jump button adds to the frustration, necessitating players to identify specific ledges for upward movement. The “A” button, traditionally reserved for jumping, triggers an awkward sprint animation. Agents J and K exhibit comical running animations, adding to the overall awkwardness.

Combat Challenges

Combat introduces another layer of complexity, with the unconventional need to hold the “R” trigger before shooting. Enemies, often lurking just off-screen, make it difficult to anticipate attacks. The game provides various weapons, but their limited ammunition and the necessity to freeze enemies with a specific gun create additional challenges.

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Level Design and Objectives

Unlike a straightforward side-scroller, Men in Black: The Series introduces maze-like environments. Players must complete mundane tasks such as defeating enemies, diffusing bombs, or freezing specific foes to progress. The lack of a quick descend option and fall damage make navigation more frustrating. Death sends players back to the start of a level, compounding the difficulty.

Lack of Innovation with the License

One of the game’s significant flaws is its failure to leverage the Men in Black license effectively. Instead of showcasing the diverse and intriguing aliens from the movies and comics, players face repetitive enemies with no memorable boss encounters. The game misses an opportunity to explore the richness of the MIB universe.


Men in Black: The Series on Game Boy Advance falls short in various aspects. Its brevity, confusing controls, and uninspired level design contribute to a lackluster gaming experience. The game’s failure to capitalize on the MIB license further diminishes its appeal. Unfortunately, this title exemplifies why licensed games of this nature are no longer prevalent, perpetuating a stereotype that may not always hold true.

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Play Men in Black: The Series Online Anywhere: Web, Mobile, and Tablet

Experience Men in Black: The Series on the go! Whether you’re at your computer, on your mobile device, or using a tablet, the alien-busting adventure awaits. Play seamlessly across platforms and enjoy the MIB experience whenever and wherever you choose.

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Can I play Men in Black: The Series on my mobile device?

Absolutely! Men in Black: The Series is available for play on both mobile devices and tablets, providing a seamless gaming experience on the go.

Are there boss encounters in the game?

Unfortunately, Men in Black: The Series lacks memorable boss encounters, focusing more on episodic missions rather than challenging adversaries.

How does the game utilize the Men in Black license?

The game misses an opportunity to showcase the diverse aliens from the Men in Black universe, offering repetitive enemies instead.

What makes the controls challenging?

The controls are needlessly complicated, with the absence of a traditional jump button and an unconventional shooting mechanism, adding to the overall difficulty.

Can I expect a lengthy gaming experience with Men in Black: The Series?

Unfortunately, the game is relatively short, and its confusing level design may lead to repeated attempts, extending the playtime.