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Mixed-Up Mother Goose: A Charming Adventure in Rhyme and Song

In 1987, Sierra On-Line introduced the captivating world of Mixed-Up Mother Goose. This delightful computer game seamlessly blends education with entertainment, catering specifically to young gamers seeking adventure in a world filled with whimsical nursery rhymes.

Notably, it was the first game to leverage the power of CD-ROM technology when it was released in 1991. This enchanting journey, directed towards children, has stood the test of time and continues to be a beloved classic in the gaming community.

A Dreamlike Tale of Rhymes and Adventure

The heartwarming storyline of Mixed-Up Mother Goose follows a young child, the player’s avatar, who is transported into the imaginative realm of Mother Goose.

In this dreamlike world, everything has gone awry – nursery rhymes have become mixed up, and the inhabitants are in need of assistance to restore harmony.

The child embarks on a mission to help iconic characters like Humpty Dumpty, Mary, Jack, Jill, and others regain the items integral to their rhymes.

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Charming and Simple Gameplay

The gameplay of Mixed-Up Mother Goose is tailored to young players, offering a simple yet engaging experience. The game employs the AGI system, which is reminiscent of Sierra’s earlier titles. Players primarily use directional keys to navigate their character through the game world.

Interactive items are clearly presented, making it easy for young adventurers to locate them. Collecting items is as simple as walking near them. The game’s inventory system allows the character to carry only one object at a time, contributing to the accessible gameplay.

The journey through the charming land involves interacting with both inanimate and living objects. Inanimate items are found in houses and across the landscape, while living characters follow the player and need to be led to their respective places to complete their rhymes.

The game features 18 nursery rhymes, 20 items to recover, and various screens to explore. Each successfully restored rhyme earns the player points. For those who need assistance, characters provide hints through “thought bubbles.” The player can select their character at the game’s outset, with eight choices available.

The ability to save progress ensures that young players can continue their adventure at their leisure.

Evolution and Remakes

Mixed-Up Mother Goose underwent three remakes, showcasing its enduring popularity.

1990 remake

The 1990 remake, titled Mixed-Up Mother Goose Enhanced, introduced improved graphics using the SCI0 system.

1991 remake

A subsequent remake in 1991, Mixed-Up Mother Goose VGA/Multimedia CD, marked a significant leap forward.

The game received a visual upgrade to VGA graphics, with rhymes accompanied by voices and melodies, creating an immersive experience. The interface became more user-friendly, and a map was introduced to help players navigate the rhyming world.

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1995 remake

The final remake, Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe, released in 1995, elevated the experience further.

With enhanced SVGA graphics and the addition of a bonus audio CD, the game introduced different musical styles and melodies, enriching the immersive atmosphere.

Through its various iterations, Mixed-Up Mother Goose remained true to its mission of providing educational entertainment to young gamers.

A Nostalgic Journey to Cherished Rhymes

Mixed-Up Mother Goose remains a testament to the creativity and innovation of its time. Its charming blend of storytelling, interactive gameplay, and the enchanting world of nursery rhymes has left an indelible mark on both players and the gaming industry. The game’s ability to entertain while imparting learning makes it a timeless classic that stands as a bridge between education and entertainment.

The 1991 version of Mixed-Up Mother Goose was a pioneer in utilizing CD-ROM technology, showcasing the potential for multimedia gaming experiences that would become standard in the years to come.


Mixed-Up Mother Goose is not just a game; it’s an interactive journey through beloved nursery rhymes that captures the imagination of players young and old.

Its enduring legacy as an educational and entertaining title continues to resonate with gamers, and its remakes showcase its ability to adapt to changing technologies while retaining its core charm.

With its engaging gameplay and endearing characters, this game is a testament to the power of imagination and storytelling in the world of gaming.

Play Mixed-Up Mother Goose Online for Free

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Is Mixed-Up Mother Goose suitable for all ages?

Yes, the game is designed for young players and offers a family-friendly experience.

Can I save my progress during gameplay?

Absolutely! The game allows you to bookmark your progress, so you can pick up where you left off.

Are there different versions of the game available?

Yes, the game has been remade several times with improved graphics, voices, and additional features.

Can I explore the rhyming world with different characters?

Yes, you can choose from eight different characters at the beginning of the game, each with their own unique charm.

Is the music a significant part of the game?

Yes, the music and voices enhance the immersive experience, adding depth to the enchanting world of nursery rhymes.