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Monopoly on GBA delivers classic wealth-building fun with customizable gameplay, global multiplayer options, and seamless accessibility on web, mobile, and tablet platforms

Monopoly, an enduring board game, has witnessed a renaissance, embracing various themed editions. Atari and ZOO Digital embark on a journey to reintroduce this classic to a new generation, celebrating its impressive 70-year legacy.

Embark on the iconic journey with The Hat, The Iron, and The Car – Monopoly, where every roll of the dice unveils opportunities for wealth and strategic triumph.


For those unacquainted with Monopoly, the concept is elegantly simple: navigate a board, using skill and strategy to amass wealth by acquiring and trading properties while avoiding financial pitfalls such as taxes and fines. Monopoly’s enduring popularity lies in its accessibility and the open-ended nature that allows players to customize the game according to their preferences.

Options for Customization and Multiplayer Experience

Players can tweak game dynamics by altering the time or beginning mid-game, injecting unpredictability and enhancing the challenge. The multiplayer experience, though not facilitated through a direct link-up, maintains a social element.A noteworthy feature for global accessibility is the ability to switch between languages, providing instructions and on-screen prompts in English, French, German, or Spanish.

Monopoly (GBA gallery 01)

Game Dynamics and Challenges

The GBA rendition maintains the essence but imposes certain rigid rules, particularly when landing on open properties. The absence of an option to switch off this rule can be limiting. While the game retains its core principles, there’s a stark departure – you must promptly decide on your action, be it purchasing, selling, or entering an auction, when landing on an open property.

Beware of the latter, as opponents are unlikely to allow the property to go for less than its actual value, introducing an element of unfairness. Another noteworthy aspect is the inability to ‘cheat’ unnoticed, a departure from the more lenient nature of board games. For instance, in the GBA version, as soon as you land on a property, you’re required to make a payment, leaving no room for strategic delay.

On the downside, a peculiar feature across many board games, including Monopoly, is the inability to ‘cheat’ without the computer detecting. In traditional board games, a landlord might overlook a sitting tenant, but in the GBA version, you must pay up as soon as you arrive. Additionally, for a game that can extend over hours, the absence of a data storage option is puzzling. The lack of battery backup or pass codes feels like an oversight, especially considering the duration of most game sessions, often exceeding an hour.


The controls maintain simplicity and intuitiveness, accompanied by a plethora of on-screen tutorials and explanations. Even if you lose your way or the instruction booklet, the game ensures a user-friendly experience.


While most board and card games often lack visual appeal, Monopoly on GBA takes a departure from the norm. The three-quarter view of the board, in contrast to the top-down view adopted by the GBC version or the awkward angle in the last GBA outing, is a visual improvement.

The menu and interface systems are clear and aesthetically pleasing. Although animation is kept to a minimum, the movement of player pieces from one square to another adds a dynamic touch, surpassing the anticipated sliding or shuffling.

Monopoly (GBA gallery 02)


The soundtrack, while pleasant, bears echoes of 1980s synth music, a genre that arguably never reached its full potential from the band members’ viewpoint. Other sounds in the game are mostly generic, serving their purpose, but the audio is not a standout feature.

Final Comments

The landscape of GBA titles catering to young adults or fully grown players is notably sparse, with only a handful of standout titles. Monopoly by ZOO Digital, fortunately, earns its place among these quality titles, delivering family-friendly entertainment while retaining the essence that made the board game a satisfying experience. Nevertheless, it is not without its flaws.

The lack of a battery save option, particularly for games lasting over an hour, stands out as a substantial oversight. Despite this, the latest electronic adaptation of Monopoly proves incredibly entertaining. So, if you’re tired of losing your houses, hotels, and chance cards down the back seat of your car (or any mode of transport), this digital rendition could be the solution you’ve been seeking.

Play Monopoly Online Anywhere: Web, Mobile, and Tablet

Experience the electronic journey of Monopoly seamlessly on the web, mobile, and tablet platforms. Whether you’re comfortably at home or on the move, the classic wealth-building adventure awaits at your fingertips, ensuring the timeless enjoyment of Monopoly wherever you choose to play.

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Can I customize Monopoly game dynamics and rules?

Absolutely! Monopoly on GBA offers versatile options, allowing players to tweak game time, awards, fines, and language settings, creating a personalized and engaging experience.

Is Monopoly on GBA suitable for multiplayer gaming?

Yes, Monopoly provides a multiplayer experience, bringing players together for turns and strategic fun, even without direct link-up.

Are there language options in Monopoly on GBA?

Certainly! Monopoly on GBA supports multiple languages, ensuring accessibility globally with instructions and prompts available in English, French, German, or Spanish.

What challenges should I be aware of in Monopoly on GBA?

While Monopoly captures the essence, certain rigid rules on open properties and the absence of data storage options can be limiting. Strategic decisions must be prompt, and ‘cheating’ is closely monitored by the computer.

Can I play Monopoly on different platforms?

Yes, Monopoly is available seamlessly on the web, mobile, and tablet platforms, offering flexibility for gaming whether you’re at home or on the go.