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Mr. Driller 2 delivers vibrant graphics, comical charm, and addictive gameplay, offering a delightful and lasting puzzle-solving experience for GBA enthusiasts

Embark on a thrilling subterranean journey with Susumu (fondly known as Mr. Driller) and his spirited companion, Anna Hottenmayer, as they strive to save the world from a global puzzle block epidemic. Mr. Driller 2 for the Game Boy Advance promises an engaging blend of comical storytelling, vibrant graphics, and addictive gameplay.


Our hero, Susumu, finds himself faced with a global outbreak of puzzle blocks. Teaming up with fellow driller Anna Hottenmayer, players embark on a quest to prevent the impending overflow of puzzle blocks within the Earth’s depths. Despite the language barrier, the Japanese dialogues add a touch of humor, enhancing the overall enjoyment.


Mr. Driller 2 may not push the GBA’s graphical limits, yet its bold, colorful, and cartoon-style graphics prove captivating. The visual simplicity serves the game well, with clean and clear animations that evoke laughter—especially when witnessing Mr. Driller’s humorous escapades, such as transforming into an angel after being squashed. The cut scenes, presented as stylized cartoons, add to the game’s charm, with Mr. Driller’s dog stealing the spotlight as a comic genius.

Mr. Driller 2 (GBA gallery 04)


A standout feature of Mr. Driller 2 is its substantial inclusion of voice acting, a rarity on the GBA. Despite being in Japanese, the voiceovers contribute to the game’s comedic atmosphere. Mr. Driller’s interactions with his dog and the in-game voice acting, accompanied by fitting tunes, create a memorable auditory experience. The slight repetitiveness of the music is easily overlooked, thanks to the game’s overall audio appeal.


Mr. Driller 2’s strength lies in its delightful simplicity and surprising depth. The game’s mechanics are easy to grasp, making it accessible to all players, yet mastering its intricacies demands practice. Players must strategically drill through blocks to reach the level’s bottom, managing oxygen levels and adapting to changing block types. The introduction of unique block properties, such as disappearing or sticking together, adds strategic depth. The instant satisfaction of successful drilling persists, ensuring players remain engaged for extended periods.


With four substantial game modes, including a captivating 2-player option, 20 collectible special cards, and two playable characters, Mr. Driller 2 promises a lasting and varied experience. The Story mode features progressively challenging levels, while Time Trial offers additional challenges. The Endless Driller mode provides an endless, difficulty-scaling experience, ensuring players remain immersed. Its addictive nature makes it a perfect on-the-go companion, ideal for long journeys.


Mr. Driller 2, with its peculiar yet effective concept, strikes a harmonious balance between simplicity and depth. The game’s addictive nature, coupled with challenging gameplay, positions it as a noteworthy import for GBA enthusiasts. The vibrant graphics, comical characters, and engaging mechanics earn Mr. Driller 2 a solid 9/10, marking it as a highly enjoyable and addictive gaming experience.

Mr. Driller 2 (GBA gallery 02)


In conclusion, Mr. Driller 2 stands as a testament to the GBA‘s capability to deliver entertaining and engaging titles. Whether you’re a casual gamer seeking quick fun or a dedicated player looking for a deeper puzzle-solving experience, Mr. Driller 2 offers a delightful mix of humor, challenge, and lasting appeal.

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What makes Mr. Driller 2 unique?

Mr. Driller 2 stands out with its vibrant graphics, comical characters, and addictive yet challenging gameplay, offering a puzzling adventure unlike any other.

How is the language barrier for English speakers?

While the game is in Japanese, the menus are navigable, and universal indicators make key information accessible. FAQs provide translations for a complete understanding.

What modes are available in Mr. Driller 2?

The game offers four modes, including Story, Time Trial, Endless Driller with three difficulty levels, and a compelling 2-player mode, ensuring diverse and lasting gameplay.

Is this game suitable for casual and dedicated gamers?

Absolutely! With its easy-to-learn mechanics and challenging levels, Mr. Driller 2 caters to both casual gamers looking for quick fun and dedicated players seeking a deeper gaming experience.

Can I enjoy Mr. Driller 2 on the go?

Yes, Mr. Driller 2’s addictive nature makes it a perfect companion for travel, ensuring hours of entertainment whether you’re on a long car journey or enjoying a quick break.