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NASCAR Racing is racing game for MS-DOS developed by Papyrus Design Group and published by Virgin in 1994.

Gameplay Overview

NASCAR Racing hit the scene in the fall of 1994, introducing DOS personal computer users to an immersive racing experience. Boasting more than 25 of the top drivers from the 1994 NASCAR Winston Cup season, the game aimed to capture the thrill and precision of real stock car racing.

Notable exclusions from the roster added an interesting twist, making each race a unique challenge.

Cockpit View (MS-DOS)

Players could engage in races with up to 38 other cars, with varying numbers on different tracks. Multiplayer action was made possible through direct links and an online system called Hawaii, developed by Papyrus.

The CD-ROM version pushed the limits with a demanding SVGA graphics mode, offering a more visually immersive experience for those with cutting-edge hardware.

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Exclusive Daytona Track and PlayStation Edition

Papyrus treated fans with an exclusive Daytona track, available only for a fan simulation game at the Daytona USA museum. In the PlayStation edition, players stepped into the shoes of a rookie driver, piloting the number 96 Papyrus car.

Simulation Realism and Features

NASCAR Racing stands out for its commitment to realism. The game provides detailed simulations with realistic car models, accurate controls, and the ability to fine-tune your racing style. Featuring nine diverse tracks, including the iconic Watkins Glen road course, the game offers a mix of oval and road racing.

Players have full control over their car’s setup and paint job, adding a layer of personalization to the experience. To cater to a wide audience, NASCAR Racing includes driving aids such as auto-shifting and auto-braking.

Race parameters, including the number of laps, can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

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Drafting Mechanics

A standout feature is the drafting mechanic, allowing players to position their cars strategically behind competitors. In this aerodynamically optimal position, players gain acceleration, conserve fuel, and reduce stress on mechanical parts. Mastering the art of drafting opens up opportunities for quick passes and adds a strategic layer to the races.

Compatibility and Accessibility

NASCAR Racing is not just about pushing the limits; it’s about ensuring accessibility for all players. Various driving aids make the game approachable for beginners while still offering a challenge for seasoned racers.

The game’s compatibility extended beyond traditional PCs, with a PlayStation version released in 1996.

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Play NASCAR Racing online

You can play NASCAR Racing online, in a web browser, for free!

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Are there additional tracks available for NASCAR Racing?

While the standard game includes nine tracks, the community has created various mods and expansions over the years, offering additional tracks for players to explore.

Is multiplayer still available for NASCAR Racing?

Since the original online system, Hawaii, is no longer active, multiplayer options nowadays primarily rely on LAN connections and emulator-supported multiplayer features.

How do I enhance the graphics in the CD-ROM version of NASCAR Racing?

To access the SVGA graphics mode, type nascar -h in the command prompt. If your system struggles with this mode, consider hardware-accelerated versions bundled with specific graphics cards.

Can I create and customize my own car in NASCAR Racing?

While the game doesn’t have a comprehensive car customization feature, you have control over your car’s paint job, adding a touch of personalization to your racing experience.