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NFL Blitz 20-03, Midway's arcade-style football game, impresses with detailed graphics, dynamic sound, and unconventional gameplay. It offers lasting enjoyment through various modes, providing a refreshing and entertaining addition to the sports gaming landscape

Ever since its debut by Midway, NFL Blitz has stood as an iconic arcade-style football game, breaking traditional rules and offering an arena-like experience. After a period of rehashed copies, NFL Blitz 2003 emerges as the pinnacle of arcade football gaming, promising an unmatched experience for players of any system.


The graphics in NFL Blitz 20-03 are a marvel for this genre, delivering a realistic atmosphere with well-designed arenas and detailed fans. Player models, though exaggerated, exhibit impressive detail, especially when players go “on fire.” The animations are flawless, capturing every move with great frame animation, making the game visually stunning.


While the game recycles some sounds from previous versions, it introduces voice recordings of popular NFL stars, adding a layer of authenticity. The in-game sounds, taunts, and commentary contribute to the familiar Blitz-like atmosphere. The music complements the overall theme, although some reused sound effects may disappoint.

NFL Blitz 20-03 (GBA gallery 02)


NFL Blitz 2003 takes a unique approach to football, twisting traditional rules. With 8 players on the field, a 30-yard first down, and no penalties, the game focuses on violent, action-packed moves rather than realism. The “turbo meter” adds strategic depth, and various modes, including Quick Play, Exhibition, and Tournament, ensure a diverse gaming experience.


NFL Blitz is undeniably fun, offering a unique experience with bonsai drops, amazing catches, and a blend of action and sports. Whether you’re a football enthusiast or not, the game provides an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere that caters to all types of gamers.


With multiple modes, team customization, and the ability to create yourself in the game, NFL Blitz 2003 provides substantial depth. While it may not be a lifelong engagement, it offers enough to keep you entertained, especially in multiplayer scenarios.


NFL Blitz leans towards accessibility rather than challenge, making it easy for almost anyone to grasp the gameplay quickly. With only three difficulty modes, mastering the game might not take long, but the focus is on providing a fun and enjoyable experience.

Final Thoughts

NFL Blitz 20-03 stands as the epitome of arcade-style football, offering a distinct and enjoyable gaming experience. While other football games may excel in different aspects, Blitz successfully taps into raw emotions, providing a refreshing break from complex sports strategies. A must-buy for football fans and an enticing hybrid of action, sports, and pure fun for all gamers.

NFL Blitz 20-03 (GBA gallery 01)

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Experience the thrill of NFL Blitz 20-03 not only on your gaming console but also on the web, mobile, and tablet platforms. Dive into the adrenaline-pumping action whenever and wherever you choose!

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Can I play NFL Blitz 2003 on my mobile device?

Absolutely! NFL Blitz 2003 offers the flexibility to enjoy the game on various platforms, including mobile devices and tablets.

How many players can participate in a tournament?

The tournament mode supports one to eight players, ensuring an exciting competition with your friends.

Are there any penalties in NFL Blitz 2003?

No, the game eliminates penalties, allowing you to unleash brutal tackles and aggressive plays without constraints.

Can I customize my team's playbook?

Yes, NFL Blitz 20-03 offers the option to customize playbooks, providing a strategic edge to your gameplay.

What makes NFL Blitz 20-03 different from other football games?

NFL Blitz 20-03 stands out with its arcade-style gameplay, focusing on fast-paced action, violence, and a unique turbo meter for special moves.