NHL ’94

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NHL '94 on SNES revolutionizes hockey gaming with smooth gameplay, enhanced graphics, innovative controls, and authentic sound design, delivering an immersive gaming experience

NHL ’94 on SNES, a game that reshaped hockey gaming, offers a unique blend of improved graphics, engaging gameplay, and audio enhancements. This review delves into why this game stands out in the 16-bit era and remains a classic.

Introduction to NHL ’94 on SNES

The Evolution in the NHL Series

The NHL series, particularly loved on the Genesis, reached new heights with NHL ’94. Its predecessors, like NHLPA ’93, struggled with performance issues on the SNES. However, marked a significant improvement, offering a much smoother and faster experience, aligning it closely with its Genesis counterparts.

Breakthroughs in Gameplay and Controls

NHL ’94 isn’t just about enhanced graphics; it’s a leap in gameplay and controls. Responsive controls, new features like controlling the goalie, and the ability to perform one-timers enriched the playing experience. The game retained popular elements like body checking and hooking while introducing innovative aspects, notably in goalie control and line changes.

<blockquote>”NHL ’94: Where the Ice Meets Innovation.”</blockquote>

Graphic Enhancements

Graphically, NHL ’94 on SNES stood out. With revamped player animations and a more vibrant rink, the game felt more alive and dynamic. The attention to detail, including subtle changes in the crowd and bench, added depth to the visual experience.

NHL '94 (SNES gallery 05)

Deep Dive into NHL ’94’s Features

Audio Overhaul

The game’s audio received a significant upgrade, utilizing the SNES’s audio capabilities more effectively. The soundtrack, closely resembling real organ music heard at hockey games, and the revamped sound effects, including clearer crowd noises and more realistic grunts, elevated the overall ambiance.

Teams and Multiplayer Experience

NHL ’94 featured all 24 NHL teams, including new expansions and the All-Star teams. The rosters were up-to-date, allowing players to control stars like Jaromir Jagr. The multiplayer aspect was also refined, with support for up to five players and improved team selection processes.

Game Modes and Options

The game offered various modes, including exhibition games and playoffs. A new addition was shootouts, adding more excitement to the gameplay. The options menu, though minimal, offered essential settings like penalty and offsides rules, line changes, and goalie control.

In-Game Options and Customization

NHL ’94 also boasted an array of in-game options, from editing lines to instant replays and player cards. This level of customization and detail in game management was a step up from its predecessors.


NHL ’94 on SNES is more than just another installment in the series; it’s a landmark in hockey gaming. With its blend of improved graphics, sound, gameplay, and team options, it set a standard for future hockey games. Despite minor drawbacks like the removal of fighting and a cumbersome password system, NHL ’94 remains a classic, demonstrating the potential of the SNES hardware in sports gaming.

NHL '94 (SNES gallery 04)

Play NHL ’94 Online – Available on Web, Mobile, and Tablet

NHL ’94 is now accessible across various platforms, including web, mobile, and tablet, ensuring you can enjoy this classic hockey game anytime, anywhere.

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What makes NHL '94 on SNES different from its predecessors?

The game introduced improved graphics, more responsive controls, and new gameplay features like goalie control, making it a significant upgrade from earlier versions.

Can you play NHL '94 on modern devices?

Yes, this game is available on web, mobile, and tablet platforms, allowing you to play it on modern devices.

How many teams are featured in this game?

This game includes all 24 NHL teams of the time, along with expansion and All-Star teams.

What are the key gameplay modes in this game?

The game offers exhibition games, playoffs, and a new shootout mode, providing various ways to enjoy the game.

Did this game improve in audio and graphics?

Yes, this game featured a significant audio overhaul and enhanced graphics, providing a more immersive and realistic hockey experience.