Ninja Five-O

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Ninja Five-O delivers thrilling ninja action in The City, featuring intense battles, unique challenges, and the joy of unleashing your inner ninja hero

From childhood dreams of becoming a ninja to the unorthodox career path of a Ninja Five-O, the journey unfolds in unexpected ways. Ninja Cop transcends conventional boundaries, offering a thrilling adventure set against the backdrop of a crime wave engulfing The City.

Origins of Chaos

The sprawling city faces an unprecedented criminal turmoil, with rampant hostage situations leaving its inhabitants in a constant state of fear. Conventional law enforcement has proven ineffective, leaving The City in dire straits and desperate for a savior.

Rise of the Ninja Five-O

In this chaotic backdrop, you, the player, assume the mantle of the Ninja  Five-O, emerging as the only hope to quell the terror and restore peace to The City. The burden of delivering justice falls on your shoulders as you navigate through a series of challenges.

Unveiling The City’s Secrets

Traverse diverse locales, from banks and harbors to airports and beyond, facing challenges that escalate into the bizarre. Evil ninjas, military personnel wielding flamethrowers and laser cannons, and hypnotized animals stand between you and restoring order to The City.

Ninja Five-O (GBA gallery 02)

Boss Battles: A Test of Skills

Confront unique adversaries like a giant hypno toad and a dragon shogun. Master their attack patterns to emerge victorious in these intense boss battles, each adding a layer of complexity to your quest.

Tools of the Trade

Armed with shuriken, a trusty ninja sword, and a versatile grappling hook, you’ll navigate through perilous environments and engage in combat with the criminal underworld. The grappling hook, in particular, adds a layer of enjoyment, making movement seamless and engaging.

Lightning Bolts and Costume Changes

Discover lightning bolt power-ups concealed in red briefcases throughout The City. These power-ups not only alter Ninja Five-O’s outfit but also enhance weaponry. Manage your power level strategically during the challenging fights to ensure a successful outcome.

Gameplay Experience

Fun-Filled Mayhem

Ninja Five-O delivers an exhilarating gaming experience, combining action-packed sequences with a touch of absurdity. The grappling hook’s inclusion adds a layer of enjoyment, making movement seamless and engaging, ensuring players are immersed in the chaos of The City.

Quirks and Challenges

While the game’s difficulty can pose a challenge, it contributes to the overall enjoyment. The graphics, though limited by the Game Boy Advance, maintain brightness, colorfulness, and detailed environments. The repetitive nature of sound effects and music may be a drawback, but it fails to overshadow the game’s entertainment value.


Ninja Five-O may be senseless and relatively short, but its sense of fun prevails. Navigate through The City’s peculiar landscapes, face off against eccentric villains, and embrace the chaos – it’s all part of the Ninja Five-O experience.

Unleash your inner ninja and rewrite The City’s destiny!

Ninja Five-O (GBA gallery 03)

Play Ninja Five-O online Anywhere, Anytime

Explore Ninja Five-O seamlessly on your desktop, mobile, or tablet devices. Immerse yourself in the ninja cop saga wherever life takes you.

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Can I play Ninja Five-O on my mobile device?

Yes, Ninja Five-O is compatible with mobile devices, offering a convenient gaming experience on the go

How do lightning bolts affect gameplay?

Lightning bolts, found in red briefcases, enhance Ninja Five-O’s abilities, changing his outfit and upgrading his weaponry.

What challenges can I expect in boss battles?

Boss battles in Ninja Five-O demand strategic thinking, requiring players to learn attack patterns and weaknesses for successful outcomes.

Is there a risk of accidentally harming hostages?

While the bad guys won’t harm hostages, players must exercise caution to avoid unintentional harm during intense confrontations.

Why does the title Ninja Five-O seem unrelated to police work?

True to the game’s quirky nature, Ninja Five-O doesn’t conform to typical police duties, adding an element of absurdity to the entire experience. The title reflects the game’s inclination towards unorthodox, ninja-inspired justice rather than traditional law enforcement.