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Odell Down Under was developed by MECC and released in 1994 for Microsoft Windows and Classic Mac OS, this game is the sequel to the well-received Odell Lake.

Evolution of Odell Down Under

Early Days

Odell Down Under made its debut in 1994 alongside a re-release of its companion game, Odell Lake. Recommended for ages 9 to adult, the game quickly gained recognition for its educational value and engaging gameplay.

Critical Acclaim

School Library Journal applauded the game for its realistic and beautiful graphics and detailed field guide. Booklist went further, hailing it as a marvelous introduction to life in a thriving underwater community.

The game’s excellence was acknowledged as it became a finalist for MacUser’s 1994 Editor’s Choice Award for Children’s Software.

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Dive into the Gameplay

Life Underwater

In Odell Down Under, players assume the role of a fish navigating the challenges of underwater life. To survive, one must eat, stay clean, and avoid becoming prey.

The game offers various modes, including Tournament mode, where players progress from small sprats to mighty sharks, and Challenge mode, which randomly selects four fish for a shorter gaming experience.


For a personalized touch, the game features Create-A-Fish, allowing players to craft their own aquatic species. Tailor your fish’s size, agility, color, special abilities, and daily habits, making each underwater journey a unique experience.

Special moves, inspired by real fish, include the stingray’s sting and the cuttlefish’s ink squirt.

Survival Tactics

Navigating through nine screens across three reef levels, players encounter different fish, each with specific food preferences outlined in an educational summary.

Balancing energy levels and health is crucial, with the latter requiring interaction with specific marine species for restoration. Avoiding poisonous entities adds an extra layer of challenge.

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Educational Companion

Odell Down Under goes beyond gameplay, offering a field guide with detailed information about tropical fish featured in the game.

Some versions even cater to educators, providing a management system for tracking students’ scores and adjusting preferences.

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Play Odell Down Under online

Now you can play Odell Down Under online, in a web browser, for free!

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What is Odell Down Under and when was it released?

Odell Down Under is a 1994 game developed by MECC for Microsoft Windows and Classic Mac OS. It serves as the sequel to Odell Lake.

What makes Odell Down Under stand out in terms of gameplay?

The game stands out for its immersive gameplay, where players assume the role of a fish navigating the challenges of underwater life. It offers various modes, including Tournament and Challenge, and even allows players to create their own fish species in the Create-A-Fish mode.

How is the educational aspect integrated into the game?

The game features a detailed field guide providing information about tropical fish. It goes beyond entertainment, offering an educational experience about marine life in the Great Barrier Reef.

Can players customize their gaming experience in Odell Down Under?

Yes, players can personalize their experience through the Create-A-Fish mode, where they can tailor their fish’s size, agility, color, special abilities, and daily habits.