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Embark on an interstellar adventure to save Earth from becoming the main ingredient in Orion Burger's sinister menu in this captivating puzzle-solving adventure, Orion Burger.

Orion Burger takes players on a whimsical and challenging journey through the cosmos as they confront the intergalactic fast-food chain’s diabolical plan to turn Earth’s inhabitants into gourmet burgers.

Developed by Sanctuary Woods and published by Eidos Interactive, this traditional puzzle-solving adventure brings together humor, wit, and cartoon-like 2D graphics.

An Unlikely Hero’s Quest

Meet Wilbur Wafflemeier, an unassuming individual who finds himself at the center of a cosmic crisis. Orion Burger, a fast-food chain with dubious ethics, plans to use humans as a raw material for their burgers, defying interstellar laws that forbid such actions.

In comes Wilbur, an ordinary guy with extraordinary determination, who must navigate a series of tests to prove that humans are sentient beings and not mere ingredients.

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Puzzle-Solving and Time Loops

Orion Burger offers a mouse-driven interface that utilizes commands like “Take,” “Use,” and “Talk” for interaction with the game’s environment.

As players control Wilbur, they guide him through his hometown, Boonsville, solving puzzles, gathering inventory items, and conversing with characters to acquire information.

The game’s intriguing mechanics involve a time loop, wherein Wilbur is abducted, tested, and returned to his town to relive the events.

Wilbur’s knowledge from each iteration empowers him to exploit the time loop and make strategic choices to navigate the challenges he faces. The gameplay showcases full voice-acting that brings characters to life, complementing the immersive experience.

Did you know that Orion Burger features a time loop gameplay mechanic that enables players to leverage Wilbur’s knowledge to overcome challenges more efficiently? This creative twist adds an exciting layer to the traditional puzzle-solving adventure, making it a must-play for fans of the genre.

As players tackle Orion Burger’s tests and confront the company’s rigged schemes, they uncover an inventive blend of puzzles and narrative.

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Saving Earth, One Loop at a Time

Orion Burger is more than just a puzzle-solving adventure—it’s a journey to rescue Earth from an unappetizing fate. As players solve puzzles, gather information, and outwit the fast-food conglomerate’s tests, they gradually piece together the plot while enjoying the richly designed environments and quirky characters.

Embrace the Challenge

Challenge your puzzle-solving skills and immerse yourself in the time-loop adventure of Orion Burger.

Dive into the captivating world of Boonsville and take the reins as Wilbur Wafflemeier, an unlikely hero with the fate of Earth resting on his shoulders.

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Play Orion Burger online

Now you can play Orion Burger online, in a web browser!

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What type of gameplay does Orion Burger offer?

The game  presents a traditional puzzle-solving adventure with a focus on inventory management, exploration, and strategic decision-making.

Can I interact with characters in the game?

Yes, the game features interactions with various characters in Wilbur’s hometown, Boonsville, to gather information and advance the plot.

How does the time loop mechanic work in the game?

The time loop mechanic allows Wilbur to relive events and use his acquired knowledge to navigate challenges more effectively.

Is Orion Burger challenging for puzzle enthusiasts?

Absolutely, the game’s puzzles and challenges are designed to engage and entertain players with a penchant for solving intricate puzzles.

What sets Orion Burger apart from other adventure games?

The game  stands out with its unique time-loop mechanic, witty dialogue, and a humorous storyline that keeps players engaged from start to finish.