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Explore the Out of This World, where a young physicist, Lester, is transported to an alien world and must fight for survival with the help of an unlikely friend.

Out of This World seamlessly combines shooting, platforming, and puzzle-solving elements across various stages.

Explore a dangerous alien world, overcome challenges, and unravel the mysteries of this adventure.

Out of This World review

Out of This World (also known as “Another World“) is a cinematic platformer created by Γ‰ric Chahi. Released in 1991, it broke new ground in storytelling and gameplay, earning its place among gaming’s greatest.

A World Without Words

Chahi’s vision was to convey the narrative without traditional dialogue or user-interface elements.

The game’s minimalistic approach immerses players in an alien world where actions speak louder than words.

Influencing a Generation

“Out of This World” inspired a generation of game designers, contributing to titles like Ico, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, and Flashback.

Its cinematic style and innovative gameplay left an indelible mark on the industry.

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Join Lester on his journey from a high-tech laboratory to an alien planet. A scientific experiment gone awry catapults him into an alien prison camp, where he befriends an alien named Buddy.

Together, they must escape, battling foes and solving puzzles along the way.

The Power of the Laser Pistol

As Lester, you’ll start unarmed but soon acquire a versatile laser pistol with multiple functions.

Use it to fend off enemies, create force fields, and unleash powerful charged shots. Mastering its abilities is key to your survival.

No Room for Mistakes

Both Lester and his alien ally are vulnerable to damage, making each encounter intense. You’ll need quick reflexes and strategic thinking to progress.

The game provides checkpoints, ensuring you can retry challenging sections without frustration.

A Sci-Fi Masterpiece

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A Mysterious Arrival

Lester’s experiment triggers an otherworldly event, transporting him to an alien planet. Stranded and alone, he faces an array of dangers, setting the stage for a remarkable adventure.

An Unlikely Alliance

Lester’s alliance with Buddy, a fellow prisoner, forms the heart of the story.

Together, they navigate treacherous terrain, confront alien soldiers, and devise solutions to perplexing challenges.


Out of This World is a timeless classic that combines cinematic storytelling with excellent gameplay.

Survival knows no bounds in a world beyond imagination.

Play Out of This World Online

Experience the wonder of Out of This World online on your web browser, mobile device, or tablet.

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How challenging is Out of This World?

The game offers a challenging experience, requiring precision and quick thinking. However, checkpoints ensure that you can retry difficult sections without starting from scratch.

What is the significance of the laser pistol in the game?

The laser pistol is your primary tool for survival, offering regular shots, force fields, and powerful blasts. Mastering its use is crucial to overcoming enemies and obstacles.

How did Out of This World influence the gaming industry?

Out of This World inspired numerous game designers and titles, shaping the way storytelling and gameplay are approached in the medium. Its impact can be seen in many iconic games.