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Panzer General is a turn-based strategy game that immerses players in the alternate history of World War II. Play Panzer General online, in a web browser !

Released in 1994 by SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.), the game allows players to take command of the German army and lead it to victory across various scenarios and campaigns.

Masterful Gameplay, Controversial Theme

Panzer General is celebrated for its exceptional gameplay, though its thematic content has garnered criticism. As a German army commander, players can choose different starting points in the war and lead their forces through pivotal battles and campaigns. The game offers vast diversity, with various strategic options and unit types to command.

Concept and gameplay of Panzer General became the foundation for many other turn-based strategy games in a similar style.

This model of turn-based strategy, where players take turns moving their units on a hexagonal map and make decisions about attacks and defense, has been widely adopted and adapted by other game developers to create various strategy titles across different historical settings and fictional worlds.

A Broad Range of Campaigns

The game’s campaigns span across Europe and North Africa, enabling players to conquer Poland, Norway, France, and even set sights on the invasion of England.

Alternatively, players can steer their forces to North Africa, capturing Tobruk, leading to a potential advance on Egypt and the Soviet Union via the Caucasus.

Tactical Depth and Unit Management

Panzer General excels in its combat system, a classic turn-based approach. Players strategically move their units across hexagonal fields on a strategic map, alternating turns with the opponent.

Effective unit combination is crucial, as tanks dominate open terrain while infantry excels in urban and forested environments. Each unit gains experience, which influences their performance, turning the game into an RPG-like experience.

A Controversial Perspective

While the game’s tactical brilliance is commendable, it has been criticized for its moral perspective. Panzer General places players in the role of a German general aiming to conquer the world. It raises questions about the morality of assuming such a role, given the historical atrocities committed by the Nazi regime during World War II.


Panzer General is a remarkable and highly playable turn-based strategy game, providing players with an extensive array of tactical possibilities during an alternate World War II. However, it is not without controversy due to its theme, as players lead German forces during the war.

This aspect raises ethical concerns and highlights the importance of considering the impact of a game’s ideological perspective.

Play Panzer General online

Experience Panzer General in a new dimension by playing it online on our website. Command your armies and test your strategic prowess against other players in thrilling multiplayer matches.

Play Panzer General online, in a web browser!

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  1. How do I save my game, before I leave the game for the day. Because the game takes a long time to play.

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Can I play as Allied forces in Panzer General?

No, Panzer General focuses solely on the German army, allowing players to take command of their forces throughout the various campaigns.

Are the historical battles accurately portrayed in the game?

The game incorporates historical elements and scenarios, but it does take some liberties to create alternate scenarios for added gameplay variety.

How complex is the learning curve for Panzer General?

The game offers a relatively straightforward learning curve, making it accessible to both seasoned strategy players and newcomers to the genre.

Can I customize my units in the game?

Yes, players can customize and upgrade their core units, allowing them to develop personalized strategies and enhance their army’s effectiveness.

Does Panzer Gengle-player campaign?

Yes, the game features a single-player campaign, offering various scenarios and challenges for players to conquer on their own.