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Explore a medieval world of strategy and magic in Polanie, where resourceful cow herding, mystical powers, and tactical conquest define your path to restoration and triumph.


In the year 699, the young Slav prince Mirko returns from a triumphant war raid only to find his homeland in ruins, his settlement burned, and his kin slaughtered.

Fueled by a thirst for revenge against his treacherous neighbors, Mirko rallies his loyal warriors to embark on a quest to conquer the surrounding territories and restore honor to his people.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Polanie, a real-time strategy game reminiscent of titles like Warcraft, unfolds with a unique twist. It features a single non-linear campaign comprising 25 missions. The enemies encountered during the campaign employ similar unit types. In this engaging medieval world, the primary resource is milk.

Every aspect of the game, from constructing buildings and defensive walls to bridges and new units, relies on a specific quantity of milk. To gather this resource, players manage cows that graze in the grasslands near their village. As cows consume grass and return to their barns, the milk they produce contributes to the player’s resource pool.

Woodcutters, essential for erecting buildings (obtained with milk), double as axemen in battles.

The game boasts a fantastical allure with a dash of magic. The landscape is sprinkled with sacred sites that can heal units. Spellcasters, known as priests and priestesses, command the power of the skies to summon fire.

Enchanted creatures of nature and magic can either aid or hinder players. Additionally, players have the option to form and control large warrior groups to navigate battles more strategically.

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Campaign and Objectives

The game’s narrative revolves around the protagonist, Mirek, a tribal leader of the fictional Polan tribe. Mirek’s homecoming reveals his hometown in ruins, and thus begins a journey to rebuild, conquer enemies, and expand into uncharted territories.

The campaign’s 25 missions paint the picture of Mirek’s quest for justice and restoration. Throughout his endeavors, players encounter magic, engage in battles, and make strategic decisions to guide Mirek to triumph.

Development and Release

Polanie was crafted by a team of innovative young Polish developers led by Mirosław Dymek.

While they were students at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, the game’s design took shape. Interestingly, the team’s primary goal was not financial success, but rather the creation of a compelling addition to their portfolio.

Upon its initial release, the game arrived on floppy disks. However, in 1997, an enhanced edition made its debut on CD-ROM, introducing five new scenarios and additional units to the game’s universe.

The game was originally released in Polish, Czech (under the title Osadnici), and German (as VICTORY). Rumors of an unofficial English mod named Slaves for the floppy disk version circulated within the gaming community.


Polanie offers players an immersive journey through a medieval world of conquest and magic.

With its unique resource management system, spell-wielding units, and engaging campaign, the game stands as a testament to the creativity and determination of its young Polish developers.

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Play Polanie Online for Free

The legacy of Polanie lives on in the digital age. You can now experience the game online, completely free of charge, directly from your web browser. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Mirek and his quest for redemption.

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Can I play Polanie on modern operating systems?

Yes, with the help of emulation software, you can enjoy Polanie on contemporary systems.

Is multiplayer mode available in the game?

Unfortunately, Polanie does not feature multiplayer functionality.

What are the system requirements for the enhanced CD-ROM edition?

The enhanced edition of Polanie requires a computer with a CD-ROM drive and a compatible operating system.

Can I find the English mod, Slaves, for the floppy disk version?

While rumors circulated about an English mod – it will be uploaded here

Are there any sequels or spiritual successors to Polanie?

While Polanie remains a unique gem, its influence can be seen in later real-time strategy titles with similar mechanics.