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Play Princess Maker 2 online on our website and embark on a unique journey of raising a young girl into her destiny. Experience the blend of life simulation, strategy, and RPG elements in this captivating game.


Princess Maker 2 defies easy categorization, offering a blend of life simulation, strategy, dating, and RPG elements that ultimately depend on your choices and approach to gameplay.

Shaping a Destiny

You step into the shoes of a renowned swordsman chosen to raise a child bestowed upon you by celestial forces. Your mission? To nurture her until she reaches the age of 18.

The game revolves around your decisions, guiding her activities, lessons, jobs, and even her attire. Each choice influences her future path – whether she becomes a fierce warrior, a skilled magician, a domestic caretaker, or even the princess of darkness.

Choice and Control

The gameplay is straightforward, primarily involving point-and-click mechanics. While in Adventure Mode, you can use either the mouse or arrow keys for navigation.

The game mainly revolves around turn-based combat and random encounters. The visuals, drawn in a high-quality manga style, remain impressive even by modern standards.

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Soundscape and Ambiance

The audio, composed of repetitive MIDI tunes, serves its purpose without overpowering the experience. While there are occasional special event noises, the game’s soundscape mainly consists of background music.

Players seeking a personalized auditory experience might choose to mute the game sounds and play their preferred playlist.

Challenging Stereotypes

A notable aspect of Princess Maker 2 is its addressing of gender stereotypes. The game, while harboring some traditional gender expectations, can also be shaped differently.

Your influence determines whether your daughter focuses on conventional roles like cooking and appearances, or if she becomes a scholarly lumberjack or an artistic warrior.

The gameplay is malleable, allowing you to determine the game’s gender-related narrative.

Varied Beginnings

The game commences with creating your family name, your daughter’s name, your name, her birthday, your birthday, and even her blood type. These choices ripple throughout the game, influencing her deity, stats, and personality traits.

The game’s numerous endings – over 50 of them – offer a range of outcomes based on your actions and decisions.

Did you know that Princess Maker 2 was originally released in 1993 and still captivates players with its unique blend of genres? Its ability to let players shape the protagonist’s future through their choices has contributed to its enduring popularity.

Nurturing and Navigating

As the protagonist, you guide your daughter from age 10 onward, shaping her schedule, activities, and interactions. Your decisions influence her growth and development.

Balancing her various activities while considering her stress levels and preferences becomes crucial in determining her future path.

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Princess Maker 2 may have its roots in stereotypes, but its malleable gameplay and variety of outcomes make it an intriguing experience.

With charming visuals and an engaging, if sometimes controversial, narrative, the game presents a unique blend of life simulation and strategy.

By playing your way, you can reshape its narrative, making it a valuable experience for fans of simulation and RPG genres alike.

Play Princess Maker 2 Online

Explore the enchanting world of Princess Maker 2 directly on our website. Whether you’re on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, experience the journey of shaping a young girl’s future.

Dive into the life simulation, strategy, and RPG aspects that this game offers, all in the convenience of your browser.

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Can I play Princess Maker 2 on your website for free?

Yes, absolutely! You can play Princess Maker 2 directly on our website without any cost. Simply visit the game page and start your nurturing journey.

. How does the gameplay in Princess Maker 2 work?

In Princess Maker 2, you take on the role of a guardian responsible for raising a young girl until she reaches 18. You’ll make decisions about her activities, education, and jobs, influencing her path in life. The game offers various endings based on your choices.

Can I change the outcome of the game based on my decisions?

Absolutely! The game features a dynamic narrative influenced by your decisions.

With over 50 possible endings, your choices will shape the destiny of the character you’re raising.

Is the game appropriate for all audiences, considering its controversial themes?

While Princess Maker 2 does touch on some sensitive topics, it offers a diverse range of gameplay experiences.

You can choose to focus on aspects that align with your values, and there’s potential to avoid or challenge the more controversial elements.