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Quadrax is a popular puzzle game originally released for ZX Spectrum in 1994 and later converted to PC in 1996.

The game features two characters navigating through logical levels filled with obstacles, requiring players to use their wits and coordination to solve the challenges.


This captivating logic game, first emerged in 1994 on the ZX Spectrum platform and gained immense popularity. Its PC version was introduced in 1996, bringing twice as many levels as the original release. Players control two characters, Mike and Alex, on their quest to find a lost friend in Egypt, leading them to the mysterious Sun Temple.

Exploring the Sun Temple

Embarking on their adventure, Mike and Alex journey through Egypt, determined to find their missing friend. However, their path is riddled with danger and traps. The game’s primary objective is to guide both characters safely to the arrow-marked platform in each level, a task that demands thoughtful planning and strategic thinking.

Solving Logical Puzzles

As they delve deeper into the Sun Temple, Mike and Alex encounter an array of obstacles blocking their way. Ingenious problem-solving is required to manipulate stone blocks, activate switches, use lifts, and navigate through teleporters. Players must carefully coordinate the actions of both characters to overcome challenges, reminiscent of the collaboration required in “The Lost Vikings” game.

The PC Version

The PC adaptation of Quadrax brings an extended adventure with 100 levels, offering diverse variations on the core themes. It became a best-selling title in Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 1996, captivating players with its engaging gameplay and brain-teasing puzzles.


Quadrax stands as a testament to timeless gameplay, captivating players with its challenging puzzles and unique cooperative mechanics. Whether playing alone or with a friend, the thrill of guiding Mike and Alex through the treacherous Sun Temple remains ever-enticing.

Play Quadrax Online

Experience the nostalgia and excitement of Quadrax directly in your web browser by visiting the Quadrax official website. Play Quadrax online!

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Is Quadrax suitable for all ages?

The game offers a family-friendly gaming experience suitable for players of all ages.

Are there any additional levels or updates for Quadrax?

As of now, the game’s official website does not mention any additional levels or updates beyond the PC version’s release.

Are there any secret easter eggs in Quadrax?

The game fans have speculated about hidden easter eggs, but the game’s creator has not officially confirmed their existence. Enjoy the challenge of the known puzzles!

How many levels are there in Quadrax?

The PC version contains an impressive 100 levels, providing players with an extensive and challenging adventure.