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Quarantine is a harsh post-apocalyptic world full of violence. Can you survive in it?

In Quarantine, you’ll assume the role of a desperate taxi driver striving to break free from the violent confines of Kemo, a city overrun by chaos.

Your mission? Transport passengers, earn cash to upgrade your cab, and embark on undercover assignments, all in a bid to find a way out. With an impressive arsenal of cab-mounted weaponry, survival is your ultimate goal.

The Origins of Quarantine

Quarantine made its debut in 1994, captivating gamers with its unique blend of racing and first-person shooter elements. Developed by Imagexcel and published by GameTek, this title was initially available for MS-DOS and 3DO platforms.

Later, it found its way to the Japanese market, with versions for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn, rebranded as “Hard Rock Cab” and “Death Throttle,” respectively. The game places you behind the wheel of a taxi in a post-apocalyptic city, where you’ll pick up passengers and take on adversaries.

The game’s success led to the creation of a sequel, “Quarantine II: Road Warrior,” which retained the original’s gameplay while introducing a more mission and story-driven approach.

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The Plot of Quarantine

The narrative unfolds in KEMO city, once renowned for manufacturing hovercars, meeting the transportation needs of the country until 2022. However, as crime rates escalated, the city’s economy crumbled, plunging it into turmoil. Criminals wielding armored hovercars terrorized the streets with impunity.

OmniCorp’s promise to restore order was accepted by city officials, leading to the construction of a massive wall around KEMO under the guise of defense. The city was effectively turned into a colossal prison, trapping all residents, criminals, and law-abiding citizens alike. Outraged, the population erupted in violence, pushing the city further into chaos.

A decade later, OmniCorp decided to test Hydergine 344, a behavior-altering chemical, on KEMO’s populace.

Intended to pacify citizens, the chemical was introduced into the city’s water supply. However, OmniCorp failed to anticipate the chemical’s catastrophic reaction with stagnant water, plunging over half the population into insanity and homicidal tendencies.

Gameplay in Quarantine

Quarantine immerses you in its primary gameplay loop, where your weapon-equipped taxi becomes your lifeline. Your mission: pick up passengers, deliver packages, and confront adversaries head-on. In between missions, make pit stops at service stations, marked on your map, to replenish ammunition and armor.

Traverse the various districts of Kemo City as you tackle missions, but remember, progressing to the next zone is contingent on completing enough story missions to unlock password-protected gates.

It’s worth noting that Quarantine demanded a robust gaming system upon its release, living up to its magazine ad slogan: “If you’ve got the ram, we’ve got the pedestrians.

Long before games like Grand Theft Auto III, Quarantine pioneered the drive-by shooting tactic, allowing players to unleash Uzi firepower through side windows.

Survival is your destination; chaos is your journey.

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Play Quarantine online

Now you can play Quarantine online, on your web browser, mobile device, or tablet. Enjoy the mayhem, adapt to survive, and escape the clutches of Kemo City, wherever you are.

In Conclusion

Quarantine is more than a game, it’s a journey through chaos, survival, and the relentless pursuit of freedom. Upgrade your cab, arm yourself, and navigate the treacherous streets of Kemo as you work your way towards an uncertain escape.

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What is Quarantine, and what kind of game is it?

Quarantine is an action-packed video game that combines elements of racing and first-person shooting. In the game, you assume the role of a taxi driver trying to escape the chaos of the post-apocalyptic city of Kemo.

When was Quarantine first released, and on which platforms?

The game made its debut in 1994 and was initially available for MS-DOS and 3DO platforms. It later saw releases in the Japanese market for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

Can you tell me more about the game's plot and setting?

The game is set in KEMO city, once known for manufacturing hovercars. As the city descended into disorder due to rising crime, OmniCorp constructed a massive wall around it, turning it into a prison.

The game is set a decade later when OmniCorp tests a behavior-altering chemical on the population, leading to insanity and chaos.

What is the primary gameplay experience in Quarantine?

In Quarantine, players drive a taxi armed with various weapons, pick up passengers, deliver packages, and confront enemies. The game is mission-based, and players must complete story missions to progress through the city.