Rainbow Islands: Story of the Bubble Bobble 2

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While on a search for treasure, Bubby and his brother Bobby travel to the Rainbow Islands. Instead of finding treasure, they find out that the people of the Rainbow Islands have been kidnapped.

Play Rainbow Islands: Story of the Bubble Bobble 2 online! Ah, the nostalgic memories of childhood, where the world was a colorful playground, and arcades were our sanctuaries of joy. In the mid-eighties, there was a game that captured the hearts of many—a story of two boys turned dragons, battling monsters in ninety-nine mazes with the power of bubbles.

Its charming aesthetics and addictive gameplay solidified it as an iconic arcade classic: Bubble Bobble. With its simple controls, cute graphics, and challenging gameplay, it’s a title that anyone over twenty likely remembers.

However, as is often the case in the gaming world, overshadowed gems sometimes go unnoticed. Today, let’s shine a spotlight on Bubble Bobble’s little brother.

The Rainbow Transformation

At first glance, Rainbow Islands Extra appears to share little with its predecessor, except for its endearing cuteness. Instead of chubby dragons blowing bubbles in mazes, our protagonist is a plump child armed with rainbows, striving to ascend to the top of each level.

The graphics maintain their simplicity, with cuteness reigning supreme. As the name suggests, rainbows play a central role in both the visuals and the theme.

As your wide-eyed character dispatches rainbows against equally cute adversaries, you’ll even be serenaded by a rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Cuteness is the order of the day, but don’t let that fool you.

Deceptively Child-Friendly

While Rainbow Islands: Story of the Bubble Bobble 2 may seem child-friendly and accessible, it conceals surprising depth beneath its adorable surface. Initially, the controls are easy to grasp, and you’ll breeze through the early stages.

However, as you progress, you’ll realize that this game demands more than child’s play.

The rainbows you wield have a limited reach, forming gentle arcs. This single tool serves multiple purposes: bridging gaps to reach higher platforms, acting as your primary weapon against enemies, and even defending against projectiles.

Learning how to maximize the rainbow’s potential becomes essential.

Unveiling the Power-Ups

As in Bubble Bobble, defeating enemies yields various rewards. These range from simple fruit for bonus points to diamonds that, when collected, grant extra lives. However, the game’s depth becomes evident with its wide array of power-ups.

Some power-ups only appear when specific conditions are met, and discovering them is part of the fun. Each power-up has its unique method of acquisition, adding layers to the gameplay.

The Quest for Diamonds

Collecting the seven different diamonds scattered across the islands isn’t just for extra lives. To unlock the true ending of the game, you must gather all seven unique diamonds on each island.

These diamonds may appear after defeating enemies, and uncovering the criteria for their appearance becomes a puzzle in itself. Moreover, mastering this mechanic allows you to skip the boss battles at the end of each level.

A Colorful World Beyond Graphics

While Rainbow Islands’ graphics may appear outdated and simplistic, reminiscent of an 8-bit era, it compensates with the richness of its gameplay. The sound, though not groundbreaking, complements the game’s innocent charm.

The true allure lies in the game’s intricacy, with every detail contributing to its enjoyment.

An Island Adventure

Taito took creativity a step further by assigning unique themes to each island, infusing elements from other arcade classics.

You might encounter a level reminiscent of Arkanoid or face adversaries from the Darius series.

For those who persevere to the end, the true connection to Bubble Bobble is unveiled.

A Gem in Its Own Right

Rainbow Islands: Story of the Bubble Bobble 2 found success in arcades and gained popularity on Amiga and Atari computers. It also made its way to the Master System and NES. Strangely, the Genesis version remained exclusive to Japan.

Despite its popularity in other regions, Sega chose not to share this title globally. However, for those fortunate enough to experience it, this game remains a cherished, rare gem—a testament to the enduring appeal of its colorful innocence.

Play Story of the Bubble Bobble 2 Online

Whether you prefer gaming on your desktop or on-the-go with your mobile or tablet, you can play Rainbow Islands: Story of the Bubble Bobble 2 online!

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Is Rainbow Islands: Story of the Bubble Bobble 2 available on modern gaming platforms?

Rainbow Islands: Story of the Bubble Bobble 2 is a classic game originally released on various platforms. While it may not be officially available on modern consoles, you can explore emulated versions on different platforms and relive the nostalgia.

How challenging is Rainbow Islands: Story of the Bubble Bobble 2?

While Rainbow Islands may appear child-friendly, it offers significant depth and challenge. Mastering the rainbow mechanics and uncovering hidden power-ups make it more complex than it first seems.

Are there sequels or related games to Rainbow Islands?

Rainbow Islands: Story of the Bubble Bobble 2 is part of the Bubble Bobble series and has its own charm. However, there are other entries in the series that offer unique gameplay experiences.

What is the significance of collecting diamonds in Rainbow Islands?

Collecting the seven different diamonds is essential to unlock the true ending of the game. They appear after defeating enemies, and discovering how to make them appear adds an extra layer of strategy.

Can I play Rainbow Islands: Story of the Bubble Bobble 2 on modern consoles?

While Rainbow Islands may not have official modern console releases, you can enjoy emulated versions on various platforms, including PC and mobile devices, to relive the colorful adventure.