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Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc on GBA delivers vibrant visuals, challenging platforming, and groundbreaking connectivity, offering an exhilarating adventure across worlds

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc brings vibrant platforming action to the Game Boy Advance, following the success of its predecessor, Rayman Advance. This review delves into the game’s evolution, gameplay, design, and the innovative features that set it apart.

Rayman’s Evolution on GBA

Rayman Advance, an early GBA title, showcased the handheld’s capabilities with a faithful port of the original PlayStation classic. Fast forward to Rayman 3, where UbiSoft elevates the limbless hero’s adventure with enhanced abilities, new levels, and an unprecedented emphasis on connectivity.

Journey through Hoodlum’s Havoc

Rayman 3 builds upon the foundation laid by its 2D predecessor, with familiar side-scrolling environments teeming with orbs, teensies to rescue, and challenging obstacles. The early levels gently introduce players to the intricacies of Rayman’s world, ensuring a smoother learning curve than its notoriously difficult predecessor.

Diverse Gameplay Elements

Beyond the traditional 2D side-scrolling, Rayman 3 introduces variety with inspired designs from its console counterpart. Players engage in Mario Kart-style challenges, zooming around tracks to collect orbs within set time and lap constraints. Jet Ski sequences, featuring Rayman’s snake companion, add another layer to the gameplay, showcasing the handheld team’s collaboration with console designers.

Rayman 3 (GBA gallery 04)

Connectivity and Longevity

Rayman 3 may offer a few hours of gameplay, but the developers strategically incorporate connectivity to enhance longevity. Multiplayer challenges, including tag, bandit, and bumper cars, provide entertaining experiences. The standout feature is the ability to connect the GBA version to GameCube’s Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, unlocking new levels and challenges.

A Colorful and Lively World

Visual Appeal

Rayman 3 emerges as one of the most visually captivating games on the GBA. The developers leverage the expansive color palette to craft lush backgrounds, complemented by clever and fluid animations for Rayman. Despite his limbless form, the character’s animations exude a charming and “cartoony” feel, showcasing the team’s attention to detail.

Crisp Audio

The audio complements the game’s mood, featuring crisp and cheerful sounds, including digitized character “jibberish.” While the music maintains high quality, occasional repetition stands as a minor gripe in an otherwise comprehensive presentation.


Rayman 3 on the GBA surpasses its predecessor by retaining the original’s strengths while introducing new abilities and engaging multiplayer features. The emphasis on connectivity and the visual and auditory delights make it a standout action platformer on the handheld console.

Embark on a limbless adventure, connect worlds, and unleash the magic – Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, where challenges meet connectivity in a handheld masterpiece.

Rayman 3 (GBA gallery 01)

Play Rayman 3 Online Anywhere, Anytime

Explore the enchanting world of Rayman 3 on your desktop, mobile, or tablet. This captivating adventure awaits, seamlessly transitioning across devices for uninterrupted gaming joy.

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Can I play Rayman 3 on both Game Boy Advance and GameCube?

Yes, Rayman 3 features connectivity between GBA and GameCube versions, allowing players to unlock new levels and challenges.

How long does it take to complete Rayman 3?

A dedicated weekend play session is generally sufficient to complete the main quest. However, additional challenges and features await those aiming for 100% completion.

What makes this game visually appealing on the GBA?

Rayman 3 leverages the GBA’s color palette to create lush backgrounds and employs clever animations, giving life to the limbless hero in a captivating cartoony style.

Are there multiplayer options in this game on the GBA?

Yes, this game offers engaging multiplayer challenges, requiring a cartridge per system for most modes. A basic two-player challenge is available with just one copy of the game.

How does this game differ from its predecessor, Rayman Advance?

This game expands on the original’s strengths, introducing enhanced abilities, new levels, and a stronger emphasis on connectivity, providing a deeper and more engaging platforming experience.