Reign of Fire

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Reign of Fire delivers exhilarating dragon-slaying action, combining intense battles, unique perspectives, and straightforward gameplay, ensuring a thrilling and enjoyable handheld adventure

Reign of Fire for the Game Boy Advance brings the action-packed world of dragon slaying to handheld gaming. This adaptation of the motion picture offers a unique twist by loosely following the film’s plot, allowing players to dive into postapocalyptic battles against dragons without the burden of intricate story details. With 10 missions as humans and an additional six as dragons, Reign of Fire promises a thrilling experience on the GBA.

Arcade-Style Gameplay

The game draws parallels to classic arcade action titles like Ikari Warriors and Heavy Barrel. A top-down perspective puts players in command of up to eight soldiers armed with rocket launchers. As a cohesive unit, you navigate through missions, destroying dinosaur eggs, engaging in firefights, and tackling various objectives. The relentless dragon onslaught ensures constant chaos on the screen, reminiscent of quarter-munching arcade classics. While lacking depth, the straightforward gameplay guarantees an enjoyable experience for dragon-slaying enthusiasts.

Lack of Depth and Power-Ups

Reign of Fire’s major drawback lies in its lack of depth. The absence of power-ups limits the enhancement of firepower or the introduction of intriguing twists. While occasional opportunities to control crop carriers or attack jeeps arise, they are infrequent, providing only fleeting moments of empowerment. Though players can pursue better rankings by collecting boxes and barrels, the repetitive nature of this task diminishes its appeal. Despite these limitations, the game compensates by delivering pure, unadulterated shooting enjoyment.

Playing as a Dragon

One of the game’s highlights is the opportunity to play as a dragon. This unique perspective allows players to breathe fire, soar through the skies, and wreak havoc on humans without fear of harm. While the human-slaying action is undeniably fun, the chance to experience the game from the dragon’s formidable point of view adds an extra layer of excitement.

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Graphics and Audio

Reign of Fire falls short in the graphics and audio departments. The minimal color depth and lackluster character animations hinder the overall visual appeal. Although the cities and dragons exhibit a degree of realism, the graphics fail to impress. The audio, while featuring the cries of dying dragons and dramatic music, lacks the depth needed to elevate the gaming experience.

Unleash the Fire Within: Reign supreme as a dragon or conquer dragons in this intense GBA adventure!


Reign of Fire on the Game Boy Advance offers a genuinely exhilarating experience, combining relentless dragon battles and straightforward gameplay. While its lack of depth may deter some players, the thrill of dragon-slaying and the unique perspective of playing as a dragon contribute to an overall enjoyable gaming experience. Whether you’re a fan of arcade-style shooters or dragon-centric adventures, Reign of Fire has something to offer.

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Play Reign of Fire Online Anywhere, Anytime!

Embrace the dragon-slaying action on various platforms. Reign of Fire is not only available on Game Boy Advance but also accessible on web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets.

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Can I play Reign of Fire on platforms other than Game Boy Advance?

Yes, Reign of Fire is available for play on web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets.

How many missions are there in the game?

The game features a total of 16 missions, with 10 missions as humans and an additional six as dragons.

Are there power-ups in Reign of Fire?

Unfortunately, there are no power-ups in the game, limiting enhancements to firepower or unique twists.

What is the primary objective in Reign of Fire?

The main objective is to navigate through missions, which include tasks like destroying dinosaur eggs, engaging in firefights, and surviving the relentless dragon attacks.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Reign of Fire?

No, Reign of Fire is a single-player game with no multiplayer mode. The Vs. Mode option only allows playing against characters encountered in the main mode.