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The Computer Edition of Risk: The World Conquest Game is an official conversion of the classic Parker Brothers board game.


The Computer Edition of Risk: The World Conquest Game takes the classic board game experience into the digital realm.

Developed by Virgin Mastertronic International in 1989 for DOS, this game preserves the essence of Risk while introducing new elements.

A Digital Take on World Domination


In this computerized version based on the board game Risk, players can engage with up to five computer opponents.

The game offers the option to play using either the British or American version of Risk, each with its set of extra armies cards.

Faithful Adaptation

Risk originated as a board game, and this computer edition faithfully adapts its strategic gameplay.

It stands as a classic turn-based strategy game, capturing the essence of world domination.

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Immersive Gaming Experience

The game’s graphics, presented in standard EGA, provide a visually pleasing experience. Controlled entirely by a mouse, the game offers straightforward navigation, although certain inputs, such as changing the number of units, require manual typing.

While the sound effects may be peculiar, players have the option to mute them and complement the gameplay with their preferred music.

Multiplayer Dynamics

The standout feature of this game is its multiplayer functionality. Players can invite up to five friends to join the conquest or challenge computer opponents with three difficulty levels.

While lacking modem support, making it impossible to play via modem, the game encourages a social gaming atmosphere.

Game Modes and Objectives

Players can choose between the FULL game or SHORT game options, available in both US and UK versions. In the FULL game, the objective is to conquer the entire world and eliminate all opponents.

Conversely, the SHORT game assigns players specific missions, such as conquering continents or capturing a set number of territories.

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Regional Variations

The UK and US versions introduce variations in the handling of RISK cards.

In the UK version, players receive a predetermined number of units for each set of cards, while the US version adopts a system where more units are granted with each set change.

Strategize, conquer, and dominate in the computerized adaptation of the classic board game – Risk: The World Conquest Game.

Strategic Battles

Combat in Risk: The World Conquest Game remains true to its board game roots. Players engage in dice-rolling battles, replicating the randomness and excitement of the original game.

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Play Risk online

Now you can play Risk online, in a web browser!

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How many players can participate in a single game?

Up to six players can engage in a game, including the player and up to five computer opponents.

What are the difficulty levels for computer opponents?

The game offers three difficulty levels for computer opponents: easy, medium, and hard.

Are there specific missions in the SHORT game option?

Yes, the SHORT game option assigns players specific missions to accomplish, providing varied gameplay.

Can I customize the soundtrack while playing?

Yes, players can mute the in-game sound effects and play their preferred music in the background for a personalized gaming experience.