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Road Rash for Master System delivers thrilling motorcycle racing with engaging combat, impressive graphics, and solid controls, offering a challenging yet enjoyable gaming experience

If you’ve ever wondered whether the excitement of a 16-bit racing game can be packed into a humble Master System cartridge, Probe and US Gold have dared to make it happen. Let’s dive into the world of Road Rash and see if they pulled it off.


This game is a renowned motorcycle racing game that pits you against competitors, vying for the top three positions. Your earnings increase with your race placement, allowing you to save for superior bikes, crucial for the five escalating levels, each featuring five distinct tracks. As victories mount, tracks become progressively longer.

Injecting excitement is the ability to approach a rival racer and engage in button-pounding fisticuffs to unseat them. Additionally, seek out opportunities for jumps off various objects. Misstep, and you’ll be sent sprawling, requiring a dash back to your bike to resume.

Unleash Your Inner Road Warrior and Conquer the Streets!

Police presence is another hazard; they aim to dismount you and levy fines, forcing a race restart. Further challenges include parked cars, intersections, and oncoming traffic, demanding vigilant lane selection. Watch out for obstacles like signs, pedestrians, trees, poles, sand, oil, and a host of other hazards that threaten to dislodge you.

Road Rash (SMS Gallery 04)


The Master System version impressively replicates the Mega Drive‘s picturesque hillscapes and countryside. The rolling terrain effect, coupled with astute use of color and fluid animation, stands out. The attract screens are commendable, with minimal room for improvement.

Sound & Music

Good news on the audio front—Road Rash’s music faithfully replicates the original’s soundtrack, though it lacks some sampled speech. If the tunes aren’t your cup of tea, you can easily disable them in the options menu.


The game’s playability rivals arcade standards. Equipped with an adept SMS pad, SMS Control Stick, or even a Mega Drive controller/stick, you’re in for a seamless experience.

Replay Value

With diverse bikes to acquire and a password-based save system, the flexibility to revisit specific tracks with accumulated assets adds to its appeal. However, prolonged sessions might lead to a sense of repetition.

Road Rash (SMS Gallery 01)


Road Rash offers a substantial challenge, demanding more time than skill. Opting for bike upgrades significantly impacts your gameplay experience. While not a rare or pricey find, it unquestionably earns its status as a game worth keeping. Don’t hesitate to acquire one today.

Play Road Rash online Anytime, Anywhere

This game is not limited to just the Master System; you can enjoy the thrill of the ride on our website or your mobile and tablet devices. Get ready for a classic racing adventure, no matter where you are!  Play Road Rash online right now!

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Can I play Road Rash on my mobile phone?

Yes, this game is available for play on mobile devices through our website.

What are the system requirements for running Road Rash on a mobile device?

this game is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

How can I save my progress in Road Rash?

Road Rash features a password-based save system, allowing you to resume your progress at a later time.

Are there different difficulty levels in Road Rash?

While Road Rash doesn’t offer distinct difficulty settings, the game progressively increases in challenge as you advance through levels.

Can I use a controller to play Road Rash on my mobile device?

Yes, you can connect a compatible controller to your mobile device to enhance your gameplay experience in Road Rash.