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Scorched Earth: A Thrilling Turn-Based Artillery Game

Scorched Earth is a shareware artillery video game originally released for MS-DOS in 1991.

Developed by Wendell Hicken using Borland C++ and Turbo Assembler, the game offers turn-based battles in a two-dimensional terrain, where players control tanks and strategically adjust the angle and power of each tank turret to take down their opponents.

Gameplay and Customization

Scorched Earth belongs to the genre of “turn-based artillery games,” one of the earliest computer game formats. The game stands as a modern archetype in this category, featuring a wide array of weapon types and power-ups, offering players numerous customization options.

Players can adjust gravity, wind conditions, and even experience meteorite showers during battles. The vast selection of different payloads provides for unique and exciting gameplay situations.

The game’s AI players add to the excitement with witty text messages before firing or upon their demise, bringing humor to the intense battles.

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Weapons and Tactics

Scorched Earth offers an impressive range of weapons, from small missile rounds to powerful MIRV warheads and even high-yield nuclear weapons.

Players can upgrade their weapons with tracers for better trajectory adjustment on the next turn. Alongside conventional warheads, the game introduces unconventional ordnance like napalm, bouncing bombs, and earth weapons.

Players can bury opponents with dirt bombs or use them for self-protection during enemy attacks.

The game’s tactics involve manipulating projectiles in-flight by considering factors like wind, shields, and guidance systems.

Some projectiles even exhibit partially random effects. Walls may bounce, wrap-around, or have no effect, adding strategic depth to the gameplay.

Multiplayer and Opponents

Scorched Earth offers thrilling multiplayer battles, allowing up to nine players to participate. Players can face human opponents or challenge computer-controlled ones. The game offers a range of differently skilled player types, ensuring engaging and competitive battles.

In case player-controlled tanks are eliminated, the AI-controlled players continue battling each other, converting the game into a zero-player experience.

Did you know? Scorched Earth is considered the modern archetype of turn-based artillery games, with its plethora of weapon types and customization options.

Play Scorched Earth Online for Free

Ready to engage in thrilling tank battles and strategic warfare? Now, you can play Scorched Earth online for free on our website. Gather your friends or challenge computer opponents and showcase your aiming and tactical prowess in this classic artillery game.

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What makes Scorched Earth unique in the artillery game genre?

Scorched Earth stands out with its wide range of weapon types, power-ups, and customization options like gravity and wind conditions, offering players a diverse and thrilling gaming experience.

How can I upgrade my weapons in Scorched Earth?

Players can upgrade their weapons by adding tracers, which enhance trajectory adjustments for more accurate shots in subsequent turns.

What are some of the unconventional weapons in the game?

Scorched Earth introduces exciting ordnance like napalm, bouncing bombs, and earth weapons, allowing players to employ creative tactics during battles.

Can I play Scorched Earth with my friends?

Absolutely! Scorched Earth supports multiplayer battles for up to nine players, so you can enjoy challenging your friends in epic tank warfare.

What happens if my tanks are destroyed in the game?

If your player-controlled tanks are eliminated, the AI-controlled players continue battling each other, ensuring non-stop action even if you’re out of the game.