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SimTower: The Vertical Empire

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Play SimTower online, the game where you become a master architect, building and managing your skyscraper empire. Plan strategically, attract tenants, and conquer economic challenges to create a towering masterpiece that stands the test of time.

SimTower – The Vertical Empire: Building the Skyscraper of Your Dreams

In 1995, Maxis continued their passion for creating simulation games with the release of SimTower – The Vertical Empire. This time, their focus was on building not just any building but a towering skyscraper.

Your objective is to construct a tall, visually appealing, and popular skyscraper that is also economically self-sufficient, meaning it must be profitable. You’ll need to choose a suitable combination of floors that will generate enough income.

Construct and Manage Your Mega Skyscraper

In SimTower, players take on the role of building and managing a massive skyscraper. Starting on an empty construction site, you gradually fill it with individual floors of the new building.

Besides apartments and offices, you’ll incorporate other sources of income such as hotel rooms, shops, a cinema, a theater, and more. The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest possible rating for your skyscraper by meeting specific conditions, such as the number of residents and the satisfaction of VIP guests.

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Building Art vs. Engineering

In SimTower, the real depth lies in creating “art,” not just constructing a functional building. The game presents no unexpected challenges, and the same basic layouts tend to work repeatedly.

Nonetheless, it offers an enjoyable experience and is a great game to pick up and play occasionally. SimTower is a delightful, straightforward game that will leave a lasting impression on you.

Become a Building Magnate

Maxis’ games are renowned for being goal-oriented, where the proper and timely use of money and resources is crucial for success.

In “SimTower,” you embark on a journey to build a grand skyscraper, complete with a crowning tower, recycling center, and underground subway station. However, the path to wealth and a thriving city is fraught with danger and setbacks. Building a skyscraper filled with offices may provide monthly rent, but you must wait for income while managing depleted funds and costly elevators.

Condo-dwellers offer quick money, but once they pay for their homes, you’ll have no further income, and they might complain about their neighbors. On top of that, you must deal with security needs, occasional terrorists, and issues like roaches and fires. It’s a game of money and strategic planning.

SimTower: A Game with Life Lessons

Similar to other Maxis games like “SimCity,” “SimTown,” “SimAnt,” and more, “SimTower” imparts valuable life lessons to players. It teaches about the dynamics of a specific world, making players think about the consequences of their choices.

Just as many parables in religious teachings revolve around the use of resources, “SimTower” encourages players to consider how they manage their resources. This game can lay a foundation for children to think about the importance of wise decision-making and prudent resource management.


SimTower – The Vertical Empire offers players an engaging and thought-provoking experience as they construct and manage their dream skyscraper. Balancing various floors and amenities while ensuring profitability creates a unique challenge in this simulation game.

Play SimTower Online in Your Browser

If you’re feeling nostalgic or want to experience the thrill of building your skyscraper all over again, you’re in luck! SimTower is now available to play online directly in your web browser. You can relive the excitement of constructing your tower, managing its resources, and attracting various tenants, all within the convenience of your browser.

No need to download or install anything; simply visit our website, and you’re ready to embark on your skyscraper-building adventure!

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Can I play SimTower online in my web browser?

Yes, you can play SimTower online in your web browser on website.

Is SimTower similar to other Maxis simulation games?

Yes, like other Maxis games, SimTower focuses on resource management and strategic decision-making.

How can I achieve a high rating for my skyscraper?

To achieve a high rating, you must meet specific conditions, such as attracting a sufficient number of residents and satisfying VIP guests.

What happens if I build a skyscraper full of offices?

While you’ll receive monthly rent from offices, you’ll need to consider other sources of income, as offices alone may not be enough to sustain your building financially.

Can I customize the design of my skyscraper in SimTower?

Yes, you have the freedom to customize the design of your skyscraper by choosing different floor combinations and adding various amenities to create a unique and visually appealing building.