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Snood on GBA captivates with vibrant puzzle-action, featuring popping Snoods, diverse modes, and nostalgic charm, promising a joyous gaming experience for enthusiasts

Embarking on the journey to review Snood for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) feels like revisiting a familiar friend from the early 2000s. My initial encounter with this game occurred in 2001 when a colleague’s student intern introduced me to this intriguing game. At that point, I couldn’t have anticipated that Snood would find its way onto the GBA, a platform where its classic gameplay would be both celebrated and critiqued.

What is Snood?

For those unacquainted with the Snood universe, imagine a captivating blend of puzzle and action elements reminiscent of the beloved Bust-a-Move. The gameplay involves shooting vibrantly colored Snoods into a playing field, aiming to create clusters of three or more matching Snoods, causing them to cheerfully ‘pop.’ This GBA rendition of this game incorporates a variety of gameplay options, including multiplayer, puzzle mode, time attack mode, journey mode, and the classic shareware mode.

Graphics: A Blend of Slick and Shareware

The visual presentation of this game on the GBA is an interesting fusion of slick design and shareware aesthetics. The core elements, such as the Snoods themselves, maintain a nostalgic resemblance to the original shareware game.

While the basic menus align with the shareware simplicity, the game doesn’t shy away from applying a touch of polish. Animated backgrounds add a cool visual dimension, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. However, one might ponder whether additional polish could have elevated the graphics to a more impressive level.

Sounds: Standard Yet Functional

The auditory landscape of this game on the GBA adheres to a standard formula, featuring basic sound effects and generic background music. While the option to disable the music exists, the inability to independently adjust music and sound effect volumes may be a minor drawback.

Snood (GBA gallery 03)

Replayability: A Diverse Gaming Experience

Snood on the GBA boasts a commendable degree of replay value. Whether engaging in multiplayer matches or tackling puzzles in various modes, players can expect a diverse and engaging gaming experience.

Particularly noteworthy is the time attack mode, injecting a sense of urgency as Snoods progressively approach based on the player’s pace. This mode, in particular, introduces a frantic element that adds a layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Is it Fun? Rent or Buy? Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, this game on the GBA delivers on the fun quotient. The engaging gameplay mechanics make it a worthwhile experience for fans of the puzzle-action genre. However, the question arises: Is it a title one should outright purchase for the GBA? To offer a cautious approach, exploring the PC shareware version before committing to the GBA purchase might be a prudent step.

Snood – Popping Fun for Everyone!

Snood, while not devoid of enjoyment, falls short of achieving the polished finesse found in other GBA titles. Despite being released by a professional development company, it retains subtle echoes of its shareware origins. As a result, it may feel like a passion project developed during leisure hours. In the realm of Bust-a-Move alternatives, the original GBA release of Bust-a-Move stands out as a superior choice.


In conclusion, Snood on the GBA offers a delightful puzzle-action experience with engaging gameplay and diverse modes. Its shareware roots lend it a unique charm, but the lack of polish may leave players yearning for a more refined presentation.

Before making the GBA investment, experimenting with the PC shareware version is advised to ensure compatibility with individual gaming preferences. Dive into the whimsical world of Snood, but tread carefully, mindful of its origins and the diverse alternatives available in the bustling realm of GBA gaming.

Snood (GBA gallery 01)

Play Snood Online Anywhere!

This game offers versatile gameplay, playable not only on GBA but also accessible on web browsers, mobiles, and tablets.

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What is Snood?

This game is a puzzle-action game where players shoot colored Snoods to match and pop them.

How are Snood's graphics on the GBA?

The graphics have a mix of slick and shareware elements, with animated backgrounds and basic animations.

Is this game music adjustable?

Unfortunately, you cannot independently adjust music and sound effect volumes.

Which mode offers the highest replay value?

Time attack mode, where the game advance based on time, provides a frantic and highly replayable experience.

Should I buy this game for GBA?

While fun, this game lacks the polish of other GBA games. Trying the PC shareware version before purchasing is recommended.