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Embark on a nostalgic journey with Soccer Kid, where soccer meets timeless platforming, creating a gaming experience that transcends eras

Journey back to 1994, a pivotal year for soccer with the World Cup in Los Angeles taking center stage. Riding the wave of soccer mania, Soccer Kid emerged as an intriguing platformer, originally released for Amiga, 3DO, and Atari Jaguar.

Telegames decided to breathe new life into this classic by bringing it to the Game Boy Advance, and despite its peculiarities, Soccer Kid proves to be a title worthy of a second look.

Unveiling the Story

The plot unfolds with an alien pirate snatching the Universal Soccer Trophy, shattering it into five pieces scattered across the globe. Enter Soccer Kid, a young athlete blessed with extraordinary soccer skills. His mission: embark on a globetrotting adventure to reclaim the fragmented trophy. The narrative may be whimsical, but it sets the stage for a unique gaming experience.

Soccer-Powered Gameplay

Soccer Kid’s prowess lies in his soccer ball, a multifunctional tool crucial for navigating the diverse platform challenges. Players must master various skills, including kicking the ball at opponents and using it as a springboard to reach elevated platforms. The game’s charm stems from the realistic ball physics, dynamically bouncing on slopes and surfaces.

Level Challenges and Aesthetic Appeal

Each level presents players with the task of traversing the area, collecting icons, and uncovering hidden “cards” that unlock bonus rounds. The game’s aesthetics carry a distinct European flavor, featuring gradient colors and parallax scrolling. Despite the Game Boy Advance’s smaller screen, the port successfully captures the essence of the original console games.

Quirks and Challenges

Soccer Kid’s gameplay is centered around the uniqueness of using a soccer ball as a versatile tool. However, a notable drawback is the reliance on a password save system. Given the game’s emphasis on items and high scores, the absence of a cartridge save may impact overall enjoyment. Manual recording of progress becomes essential, introducing an element of inconvenience.

Soccer Kid (GBA gallery 02)


Soccer Kid emerges as a nostalgic gem on the Game Boy Advance, offering an enjoyable and distinctive gameplay experience. While lacking groundbreaking design elements, its solid execution makes it a noteworthy addition to the GBA library. The need for manual progress tracking is a minor inconvenience in light of the game’s overall appeal.

Kick into action with Soccer Kid – Where every kick counts!

Multi-Platform Fun

Soccer Kid isn’t confined to the GBA; extend the fun to your web browser or mobile and tablet devices. Experience the soccer adventure seamlessly across various platforms and relive the excitement on the go.


Soccer Kid stands as a testament to the enduring charm of classic games. With engaging gameplay and a touch of quirky charm, it invites players to lace up their virtual soccer boots and embark on a nostalgic journey. Rediscover the joy of Soccer Kid, where every kick propels you into a realm of timeless gaming.

Soccer Kid (GBA gallery 01)

Play Soccer Kid Online Anywhere, Anytime

Soccer Kid is not limited to the GBA; experience the fun on your web browser or mobile and tablet devices. Embrace the soccer adventure across various platforms and relive the excitement wherever you go.

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Can I play Soccer Kid on my mobile device?

Absolutely! Soccer Kid is available for play on both mobile phones and tablets, ensuring you can enjoy the game on the go.

What makes this game stand out among GBA games?

Soccer Kid’s unique blend of soccer mechanics in a traditional side-scrolling platformer sets it apart, offering a distinctive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Are there in-game bonuses or collectibles?

Yes, Soccer Kid features hidden cards that, when collected, unlock bonus rounds, adding an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the gameplay.

How does the ball physics contribute to the gameplay?

The realistic ball physics in this game enhance the gameplay by allowing dynamic bouncing on slopes and surfaces, adding a layer of realism and strategy to the soccer-centric mechanics.

What is the best way to track progress in this game ?

Due to the reliance on a password save system, it’s recommended to keep a pen and Post-Its handy to manually record progress and maintain continuity in your soccer adventure.